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Last weekend was so exciting for me to watch the bald eagles near our place on Brushy Creek. They had a huge nest in the top of a Sycamore tree near the creek for many years but last spring it got blown down during a storm. Anyway, that’s what we think happened, the nest just disappeared. So I hope they have built another nest somewhere near there, they spend a lot of time in the trees near the creek, fishing and hunting. They are such a beautiful, powerful bird. I love to sit and watch them. I have heard they can pick up small livestock and carry it off with ease, but we have never had any trouble like that.

Ruth Marie Hodge mentioned a prayer request at church Sunday for her grandson Jarred Hodges who will be leaving on the 27th for his 4th tour of duty overseas. Jarred has been an Infantryman/Drill Instructor in the Marine Corps for several years. He and his wife Rebecca and their three children have lived in San Diego, California the past few years.

New Mansion Church’s younger kids youth group put on a skit for Youth Night last Sunday night about the Good Samaritan. I saw a picture of it on facebook and heard it was really good. I am sorry we had to miss it Sunday night.

I saw on facebook that Dawson McHaffie, one of Dustin and Brooke McHaffie’s twin sons, has taken his first steps, but of course, not his last. Dawson and his brother, Sawyer will be a year old in April.  It is going to be an even busier time around that household, and also at Nana Vicki’s since she babysits the twins through the week.

There are so many babies in this area that are at that stage. Garrett is holding on to everything and stepping around, and he turns loose and stands on his own but hasn’t taken that first independent step yet. It will be soon enough. Even now he is so busy that he doesn’t want anybody holding him, he wants to explore every nook and cranny in the house. He especially loves our fireplace and wants to climb up on the stone hearth in front of it. Fortunately we haven’t had any fires in the fireplace for several weeks, so I piled pillows in front of it.

The high school basketball teams have a game at home with Chadwick on Thursday, February 23 and it will also be Senior Night. Districts start on Feb. 27 at Norwood, but I’m not sure when Bradleyville plays. Call the school for the times. The Pee Wee teams are playing in the Plainview tournament this week.

Birthdays: Feb. 23: Ronnie Combs, Melinda Rogers; Feb. 24: Sherry Yeary; Feb. 25: David Case, Jack Essary, Howard Gott; Feb. 26: Sharon Robertson; Feb. 27: Macy Lumley, Scott Puckett; Feb. 28: Wesley Carson Pollard; Feb. 29: Denny Roberts.

Anniversaries: Feb. 26: Tom and Carla Braden; Feb. 28: Richard and Sue Baker.

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