Preston, William and Conner visited with Barb and Jack over the weekend. Ron, Nancy and Chris also visited.

Bob, Linda and I visited with Kevan one day last week and also stopped and stayed a while with Margaret and Delmar.

Barb, Jack and Miracle also visited with Margaret and Delmar on Sunday evening.

Teresa, Ebby and Owen were at Barb and Jack’s on Saturday night.

Barb, Jack and Miracle attended a birthday party for Gage. It was his first birthday.

Sunday I went to church with Bob and Linda. I also spent Thursday evening with Barb, Jack and Miracle and had supper with them.

Bob and Linda were in Springfield on Thursday for a doctor appointment.

We’re also visited with friends at McDonald’s a day or two this past week.

James visited with me one day.

I talked to Bob on the phone several times this week.

Bob and Linda visited with Carol and Robert on Sunday afternoon.

Until next week, God  bless all.