Over the weekend, Barb, Jack and Miracle visited with Terry, Delayna and families to celebrate Chase’s birthday. Leroy also joined them.

Preston is in Little Rock Hospital for more physical therapy due to his wreck. He will soon be home.

Sue Pickney called and visited with Bob and Linda on Monday. She is Bob’s sister. We didn’t make it to church on Sunday. Bob and I weren’t feeling very good. Linda visited by phone with Linda Chamberlain of Marshfield.

Bob went to the wild game feed with his boys at Mansfield Assembly and Linda went with some of the girls from church to Cabool to eat out.

Amberlyn and Madison of McAlester, Oklahoma called Grandma Linda on Sunday evening. They had gone to church and had to tell Linda about it.

Our sympathy goes to the Richard Woodall family and others who have lost loved ones.

Until next week, God bless.

Our sympathy goes also to the Roxie Cook family.