Ava General Baptist Church

What wonderful weather God has blessed us with so far this winter.  Worship services have been overflowing and we say thank you to God for that.  Bro. Oren read scripture from Mark 9:14-29 this past Sunday.   Jesus rebuked a spirit from a boy, which his disciples could not.  The disciples were upset and wondered why they could not make the spirit leave the boy.  Jesus told them that this spirit could only come out with prayer.

We have everything we need to serve God through prayer and belief.  We must be obedient and do what God commands of us.  He knows where we stumble and what our weakness’ are, but He never leaves us.  We must seek Him and ask for his help with our unbelief and to grow our faith in Him.  Start with Prayer.  Everything we choose and the decisions we make should always start with prayer.

We pray continually for those who have asked us.  Our prayer list is always on our minds and there are many needs.  We praise God for Jack Armstrong’s continuing recover from heart surgery.  Our prayers are with the Johnson family and the Sparks Family at this time.  For all those who are facing doctors and possible surgeries, remember God is there beside you.  We want to send our prayers to our country’s leaders right now and for our local leaders as well.  We need to stay strong and pray for each other in our daily walk.

Lots of things are happening and coming up in February.  On Friday Feb 10th, the church growth meeting will be at Rock and Terri’s home at 6:30 p.m.   Feb 7the women’s ministries meeting will be held at the home of Fay Case at 7 p.m.   Then on Sunday February 12, we will hold the Valentine’s banquet at 6 p.m. at the fellowship hall.    Everyone is welcome. The dinner will be catered this year so be sure and sign-up on the sheet located at the back of the church and in the basement if you are interested.

Bro. Dwain Moore has asked that if anyone is interested in taking part in a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Seminar, please contact him.   Dave Ramsey has said that if enough people are interested in that, he is willing to come back and do another seminar.

Bro. Dwain also was asking for volunteers again for the VBS carpentry project that will be needed in June.  He is getting a jump start on recruiting on those with carpentry skills for another project.  Please see Dwain if you are interested in doing that.    The stools made for last year’s VBS were such a hit they have asked for more!  What a blessing that was for the kids and the carpenters too!!

We invite you to visit us at Ava General Baptist Church.  Our worship hour is a wonderful experience and a time to thank God for all he’s done.  You might want to think about our Sunday school hour as well.   It’s not just for kids but it’s for all ages.  We’ll even give you a cup of coffee and I’m sure you can find a donut around too.  Then we get into learning more about the Word and how we can apply it to our life.  The Bible is not just some old stories that don’t mean anything to us today. That is not true! Its God’s instructions for us and the truth we learn from it will help us in any situation of life.  We hope you will come and learn with us.  Our Bible study on Wed night is also a great opportunity to learn from God’s Word as well.  That starts at 7 p.m. each Wednesday.

Be prayerful this week.  As Bro. Oren says, “Don’t put God in a box and only take Him out when you need something”.    Talk to Him every day.  See you Sunday. God Bless.