Ava Assembly of God

We met Wednesday night for Bible study. Bro. Gary Garrison is our leader. We finished studying on the rapture of the church. What a day that will be when we will get to go and meet the Lord in the air. This Wednesday night we will be starting a study on the tribulation time.

If possible come be with us at 6 p.m. I believe you would enjoy it.

Sunday morning was a beautiful day to go worship God. It was a little chilly, but what a wonderful winter we have had especially for people who have to work outdoors. We started our early service at 8:30 with song. Do you really listen to the words you are singing? What power the blood of Christ gives us. After congregational singing, Sister Charlotte Koop sang a beautiful song for us about praising God without asking for anything from Him. Pastor Buddy’s message was on the wonder working power of the Spirit. We witnessed the power of God in the lives of a young couple, who were with us. The fiancee I wrote about being in the hospital on life support and in a coma last week, was with us today. That is just some of God’s amazing working power. We are starting a pit crew prayer group and half hour before early service and at 10:30 for second service. Come if you can, our church is focusing on prayer and acting normal in the Holy Spirit. Come, pray and see what the Spirit of God can and will do. Peter was changed by the Spirit in 50 days from being one that denied Christ to standing before a crowd proclaiming the gospel of Christ. Being normal in the Spirit is letting the Spirit act through us so we will make an impact on other people’s lives. Come next Sunday morning and find out what acting normal in the Holy Spirit is.

Thought for the week: God called us to be fishers of men. You catch them and He’ll clean them.