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This morning was a very cold, but beautiful Sunday morning. My wife had seen on a friends facebook page a comment about Christians; that many were called and a few were frozen, I hope you weren’t one of the one’s that were frozen Sunday.

Quite a few couples attended the marriage retreat in Branson this weekend. Everyone had a good time and it is always good to get away with you spouse and learn more about your marriage. Bro. Todd did a great job teaching. His website is marriagebydesign.com if you want to visit it.

Sunday morning the pit crew met at 8 a.m. to pray for our pastor, the service, the sick, missionaries and our military. We invite anyone who wants to join us to come at 8 and meet with us in the basement before services.

The early service band sang a song that was titled “The God of  the Mountain is Still God in the Valley,” which is so true. He allows to be on the mountain top, but when hard times and trials come He is still God there also to help us. We just need to serve and trust Him no matter our circumstances, but I know from experience that it is a lot easier to say than do.

We have a new Sunday school class that started this Sunday downstairs that is on the book of Psalms. Sister Wanda is the teacher and she did a wonderful job. If you don’t go to Sunday school, come be with us, you will be blessed.

Pastor Buddy’s message this morning was on “What I Have,” from Acts 3:1-11. What we have we need to give out. As I said last week, I can’t tell you everything Pastor Buddy brings to us out of the word, but a few things I received from it were; power comes from prayer, our expectations need to be raised, don’t ask for a handout, but a hand up, and God’s anointing is not for thrills, but for battles. Sunday morning we seen God’s spirit move in passion and purpose. I really enjoyed the series.

This year our church is focusing on prayer. If you don’t have a church home, we invite you to Ava Assembly. We have programs for all ages. We would love to see you here.

Thought for the week: G-God’s, R-riches, A-at, C-Christ’s, E-expense.

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