Ava Assembly of God

A small group of us met Sunday morning at 8 a.m. to pray for our church services, our Pastor, those who need healing, our community, and our military. Our services began at 8:30 with a hymn. I’m so glad Jesus can set us free from the bondage of sin. This week we have good news to to tell you about God’s healing power. Brother Trampus Taylor who is in Afghanistan had kidney stones that were going to require surgery to remove and was in a lot of pain, but before he left over there to come home the kidney stones were gone but he still had infection. He came home and went straight to the hospital. Swelling was so bad the kidney was pulling away from his back but on Thursday this week he was completely released from the doctor’s care and there is no swelling or infection . He leaves Monday to go back to Afghanistan. Our God is a great healer. Doctors sometimes don’t understand what happens when God moves in this way but we still believe in miracles, we have seen too many not to believe. Brother Melvin Garrison sang for us this morning. We enjoyed it. Good job Brother Melvin. Pastor Buddy’s message this morning was on belong. Belong means to fit in. You never like to be anywhere if you feel like you don’t fit in no matter where it’s at. First of all you must belong to Jesus and then we need to belong to church or a group of believers so that we can turn to them to encourage and help us on our way to heaven. On our journey with the Lord we experience extreme highs and lows. Usually after the greatest blessings comes the biggest battles.  Pastor Buddy always brings a great message to us from the Word of God . I can only skim the surface of what he brings to us. Come and listen to him if you don’t have a church home. We will make you feel as if you belong here. We are sad to see Brother Lester Platt and Carla leaving our church but are happy they are going to Lighthouse Assembly in Theodosia to pastor the church there. We will be praying for you, Lester and Carla. Brother Brian Garrison is doing a great job with our youth .The churches in our area are planning something later on this year. We will be talking more about that later. If you don’t have a home church come visit us at Ava Assembly.

We also have Royal Rangers boys program and M-pac girls programs Wednesday night and church services for children Sunday morning. Thought for the week; Do we complain about the taxes we have to pay or are we thankful because it means we are employed?