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Bonnie Phipps said an old friend, Lorene Pare, from Granite City, Illinois called her Friday and wished her a Happy Birthday. She couldn’t remember if it was the 17th or 18th and she was one day early, but they had a good visit.

Bonnie was surprised with a birthday party at Ruby Garden when Cecilia Edwards came by and picked her mother up and took her down there and when they went in there was Roy and Linda Freeman, Ken and Debbie Cederlind, Michael and Wendee Freeman and kids, Matthew, Madison, Sydnee and Alexis and Moe and Kaylynn Todd, with a two layer cake to help her celebrate her birthday. After they had all ate, they went back to Bonnie’s home and visited a while before everyone went home.

Well, we finally got us some snow last Monday. I received four inches, but it snowed more after that. I couldn’t measure it, but when I melted the snow in my ranin gage, all I had was three-tenths of an inch of liquid. Wednesday I received three-tenths of an inch more and Saturday another one-tenth of an inch.

At 6:30 last Monday morning I got a call from Vernal and he said Happy Birthday Mom then Monica called, Mary Cox, James and Lakota, Freeda Richards, Mark Weston, and Marsha. I keep waiting for my sister, Mollie, to call, but she didn’t, but I got a birthday card from here. I spent my whole day talking on the phone. They say what you do on your birthday is what you will do all year long.

James and Lakota came by last Tuesday since there was no school. I went to town later and took my news in and got some medicine and took Andrea Shea her birthday card one day late.

Mark and James came by Wednesday morning and Mark brought some eggs, Tara came later and brought Jett and then Justin came and picked him up later.

Violet stopped by and picked up her eggs.

Wednesday night was a bad night to be out, but Dennis, D.J. and I made it to Nina Carter’s for our study night. Martin wasn’t feeling too good and Sandy didn’t get home from work.

The Mason Valentine supper for the O.E.S. Ladies went great. We had a wonderful meal and there were about 17 all together. I went by and took Marie Dickey over there with me.

I went down to Imogene Madewell’s and Jewell Elliott’s and got some egg cartons from them and I visited with Jewell for a while before I came on home.

George and Violet Blakey came to town Saturday morning and stopped at my house and left some hog fat and Mark and Mark Weston came and picked it up later.

Evelyn Bryan came by that evening and brought me a gift from Florida.

Brook 3 Eagle brought me the Girl Scout cookies that we ordered from her daughter. Bro. Raymond Haden brought two good messages for us this Sunday.

Keep praying for our sick folks, the list keeps getting longer.

My prayers and sympathy goes out to all who have lost a loved one.

Lets keep our leaders and men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.

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