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All Around Bradleyville

Last Saturday we left at 11:30 a.m. and drove 96.9 miles to Koshkonong to watch the grandkids play basketball. We have grandchildren on the boys’ varsity, girls’ varsity and girl’s junior varsity teams, so we watched the whole thing, from start to finish, along with Koshkonong’s Homecoming, which they held between games. After stopping in West Plains to eat and going to the big store for a few things we needed, we got home around 10:30 Saturday night. We could have stayed home but we enjoy watching the kids and think we have to be at each and every game, and we will be until we don’t have any more grandkids on the teams or we can’t physically get there. We are not the only ones; the bleachers on our side of the gym were filled with Bradleyville parents and grandparents. All four games were very exciting and all the kids played really good, but couldn’t overcome the host teams for a win.

I need to correct some of the details I put in the paper last week about Shirley Gott-Stoeckers trip she and her husband went on for her birthday. Shirley’s cousin is Betty Singleton and she and her husband Jack Singleton went with Shirley and Richard to Mountain Grove. It is their son, Tim Singleton who is the restaurant manager at the entertainment complex I mentioned. There is just one bowling alley instead of the three I said, along with a bowling pro shop.  There are three movie theaters, one of which fairly soon will be offering a dinner-and-movie deal some evenings. Sorry I got so many details wrong.

I had an e-mail from Truman and Mary McKillip and they wanted me to tell everyone that they miss everyone in the Bradleyville area and hope to be here and see everyone next fall.

The Pee Wee teams will have a ballgame at home with Mark Twain on Thursday night, February 16, then next week, February 20-24 they will play in the Plainview Tournament.

The high school teams are in the Mark Twain Conference Tournament at Everton this week. The girls will play Everton Friday, February 17 at 4:30, and the boys will play Hurley the same night at 6:00.

Congratulations to Bandy and Staci Dalton on the birth of their son, Zeke McCall Dalton on February 6. Zeke weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz. and is an adorable baby. The proud grandparents are Joe and Kim Norwine and Rob and Anita Dalton.

Congratulations also to Cody Combs and Bailey Day on the birth of their daughter, Treylyn Ryan. Treylyn weighed 8 lbs. 1 oz. and her “Nana Red”; Becky Gann said she is pure perfection. I saw a picture of Treylyn on facebook and I’d have to agree with Becky, she is a beautiful baby girl.

Birthdays: Feb. 16: Justin Combs, Edna Mae Johnson, Sara Krause, Wyatt Taylor; Feb. 17: Jeremy Chaney, Kathy Compton, Jarred Hodges; Feb. 18: Judy Bonner, Chuck Braden, Landon Cook, Michele Howerton; Feb. 19: Mike Combs, Rosa Williams; Feb. 20: Brett Hall, Bailey Isaac; Feb. 21: Gail Adams, Jackie Cook, Roger Johnson, Casey Ridings, Riley Scott, Belinda Wyman; Feb. 22: Joe Combs, Louise Jennings, Laura Rentfro, Jarrid Stafford.

Anniversaries: Feb. 17: Bandy and Staci Dalton, Shane and Georgia Whittaker; Feb. 18: Kevin and Sharon Grider.

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