All Around Bradleyville

I have daffodils that are getting ready to bloom, and I’m afraid they are going to get nipped in the bud! The weather forecast shows some really cold nights later this week. It would take a pretty hard freeze to do that, but gee, it is February, isn’t it? This weather can get confusing, but I guess I need to remember where I live, I have heard all my life that if you don’t like the weather in Missouri, wait a few minutes, or hours, or days, and it will change. Well I guess that could be said about a lot of different places. I was happy that I did hear the peepers doing their thing the other night when it was fairly warm. That was still in January when I heard them and they have continued their peeping a little bit even though the nights are getting really cold again. We don’t usually hear them here until late February so they are anxious for spring also it seems.

Shirley Gott-Stoecker called me the other day to tell me about a birthday excursion she and her husband, Richard had on January 26. They got together with her cousins, Patty Sawyer Kraft and Angie Hendrickson and another cousin, Betty Gott. They went to Betty’s son, Tim’s place of employment in Mountain Grove. She said this entertainment complex was very interesting and had lots of different activities there. There are 3 bowling alleys, a restaurant, dancing on certain nights, and dancing lessons and soon they will be adding a skating rink. It sounds like they all had a wonderful time.

Sympathy goes out to the family of Virginia Warren who passed away last week after a recent illness and hospitalization. Virginia was a very nice lady and will be very sorely missed by her family and friends.

Glenda Day has been very ill and spending some time in the hospital having tests run. We have you in our prayers, Glenda.

Buddy Compton is back home after spending several days in the Veteran’s Hospital in Fayetteville and then several more days in the hospital in Little Rock while they treated him.

The Bradleyville gym was packed with people last Friday night that came to watch the Homecoming game and crowning of the Homecoming Queen. Hannah Swift looked beautiful as she was crowned the Homecoming Queen, escorted by her cousin, Austin Hunsaker. The Screaming Eagles Pep Band played several songs during half times and between games and did an excellent job. The girls won their game but the boys lost a hard fought game to Everton.

Boyd and Kayla Combs are hosting a “Gotcha” party next Sunday afternoon from 2-4, Feb. 12 at the Nazarene Church fellowship hall in Bradleyville to celebrate the adoption of their son, Jonah. Stop by and congratulate this special family as they officially start the rest of their lives together.

There is a Pee Wee game at home with Kirbyville on Thursday, Feb. 9, starting at 6:00. I haven’t been to any Pee Wee games this year but have heard they are doing really good.

The high school teams both have a game at Lutie on Feb. 10 and both have another game all the way over at Koshkonong on Feb. 11.  The Mark Twain Conference Tournament will start Feb. 13 and continue through Feb. 17 at Everton. I will mention that after the tournament there is only one more game, at home with Chadwick on Feb. 23 before the districts start.

The fur dealer was at the Fire Station in Bradleyville last Saturday and Bob went over to sell a few hides he had, along with dozens more people who were doing the same. Bob said there were lots of coyote hides, coon and possum of course, some beaver and otter pelts, and more bobcat than he had seen in several years.  The Fire Department volunteers served a breakfast of biscuits and gravy at the fire station.

Another anniversary I have to mention is Bill and Clessie Hurst’s who were married 65 years ago on January 31. I had them on my list also but didn’t know how many years it had been. I think that many years deserves special mention.

Birthdays: Feb. 9: Kathy Dalton, Sam Norwine; Feb. 10: Angel Hartzell, Eddie Hunsaker; Feb. 11: Russell Burkhart, Tom Todd; Feb.12: Bobby Combs, Sam Day, Ada Dennis, Betty Maggard, Joseph Wade McCleary, Melvin Shane McCleary; Feb. 13: Isaac Henning, Randy Wyman; Feb. 14: Kyndra Day; Feb. 15: Shirley Krause.

Anniversaries: Feb. 13: Barbara and Gary Casey, Eugene and Betty Maggard; Feb. 14: Etcyl and Lorrinda Coulter.