All Around Bradleyville

Sometimes in the past few days it has been hard for me and the birds in my yard to not believe that spring is here. I go outside and it’s wonderful, the birds are singing and I expect to hear the peepers any night now. I know, I know, there is almost two months of winter left on the calendar, but I am hoping the groundhog does not see his shadow on Groundhog Day and spring will be here sooner than the calendar says.

I am trying to plan better this year and get my garden spot prepared earlier than usual. I am awful about not paying attention to get things done before I need them. My tiller needs repair, which was the excuse I used last year for not having a big garden. I told Bob we needed to fix it now, so it would be ready to go when I need to till up the garden spot, and he agreed. I need to do a lot of work on it since it has been invaded by cockleburs and Bermuda grass. Now that we have talked about it we can forget about it until May. We forget. Maybe we are too busy.

Anyway, since I know it is a couple of months before I can get serious about gardening, I will satisfy myself with looking at the seed catalogs and looking online at all the beautiful vegetables and flowers I can grow.

Melissa Case called Sunday morning to ask us to remember her grandma Virginia Warren on our prayer tree at church. Virginia is extremely ill and in ICU at Skaggs Hospital. She has run a very high fever and the doctors are very concerned about it.

I talked to Betty Day at church Sunday to find out if she still canned suckers. She said she would if she had any to can. I wanted to know how she canned them. I probably could have found out how to do it from someone else, a book or site online, but I knew if I wanted expert advice I should ask Betty. I know she has canned a ton of suckers over the years. Maybe not a whole ton, but close. I thought she canned them with the bones just like the mackerel is but she said she cuts the fish off the backbone and into chunks and packs the jars, adds a teaspoon of salt and pressure cooks them at 10 lbs. pressure for 80 minutes. They are good to have canned up, and you can use them just like you would use canned tuna or mackerel. Be sure and put a couple of quarts of water in the pressure cooker.

I’m sorry I haven’t mentioned it before now, but Homecoming for Bradleyville School will be Friday, February 3 with a game for both the girls and boys with Everton. Both of our granddaughters have been busy shopping for dresses for the dance after the game.

Other games this coming week include a girl’s game at home with Forsyth on Monday, February 6, and then both boys and girls will travel to Hurley for a game on Tuesday, February 7.

There is a Pee Wee game at Bradleyville with Plainview on Thursday, February 2. I talked to Boyd Combs at church but was busy admiring his and Kayla’s little girl and forgot to ask him about the games, so I talked to Kayla Sunday night and she was kind enough to send me a message to tell me about this game.

I overlooked a birthday the last time I wrote for the paper; Ethel Metcalf had her birthday on January 21. I didn’t have Ethel’s birthday on my list, but her granddaughter Heather asked me if I would include it, Heather lives in Illinois and she said she missed her grandma a lot.

I also missed another birthday last week because I didn’t get any news sent in. A special lady, my step mom, Donna Sloan had her birthday on January 26.

If you would like you or your family’s birthdays included, please drop me a note or call me and I will put them on the list.

Birthdays: Feb. 1: Boyd Combs, Bailey Day, Eli Harmon, Sandra Moore; Feb. 3: Owen Smith; Feb. 4: Amy Blair, Mariah Clemans, Tammy Hankins, Don Horner, Mike Roberts; Feb. 5: Hester McBratney; Feb. 6: Kenneth Braden, Sheila Burkhart; Feb. 7: Richard Braden, Alan Dorsey.

Anniversaries: Feb. 4: Mickey and Darlene Roberts.