The Higher Calling

Dear readers, we are continuing in our lesson on knowing the will of God.  The more you understand the word of God, the more you will know God and what His will is for your life, and your relationship with God will grow.  The word of God is filled with history, wisdom, prophecy, and more.  The word of God directly and indirectly points the reader towards the only savior, Jesus Christ, who is called the Word of God in The Book of Revelation chapter 19.

The way to a victorious Christian life is in the word of God. Second Timothy chapter 3 says that all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished, unto all good works.

How many parents give their children instructions for the children’s own good?  How many parents want the best for their kids and want to protect them from harm and desire nothing but good for them all the days of their lives?  How about grandparents?  Their kids have gone on to raise children of their own.  How much does a grandparent’s heart long for their grandchildren to be brought up so that their lives are blessed?

For thousands of years, God has witnessed His children having children, and His desire that each one has a blessed life by following His instructions remains the same.  Almighty God wants the same thing for you.  The word of God is just as vitally important today as it was when He spoke with Adam and Eve in the garden, only today we have it in written form, thank God.

Over thousands of years, God, through the person of the Holy Spirit, inspired the hearts of saints who loved Him, to write down the words we read today in our Bibles.  This inspired work of the Holy Spirit was written with God’s children in mind.  He loves you, and wants you to know the word to be equipped to be a blessing, so His covenant will be established on the earth to His glory and praise.  We have a living example in Jesus.

Jesus equipped himself to be a blessing so that God’s covenant would be established on the earth.  Jesus studied the letters that the Holy Spirit inspired and followed the instructions of his heavenly Father.  Yes, but some argue, Jesus was God.  The answer to that is, yes Jesus was fully God and fully man.  But, He did not operate on earth as God, but as a man.  He called himself the Son of Man.

You have at your fingertips, copies of the very letters read by the Lord Jesus as he learned of God and read of himself as the lamb of God.   Jesus’ relationship with the Father grew through his knowledge of God from the scriptures with the help of the Holy Spirit.  During his ministry, the Lord Jesus never had a question or doubt about something being the will of God, and that is God’s desire for each Believer, to absolutely know what is the will of God.

Jesus fellowshipped with the Father and learned things to come through the scripture and through the leading of the Holy Spirit who was within him…this third person of the Godhead is the same Holy Spirit who is within all Believers, who wants to fellowship with you and who will teach you the scriptures and help you grow and be a blessing.

If you would like to kindle your desire to fellowship with God just like our example in the Lord Jesus, through knowing God’s word through revelation of the Holy Spirit, say this prayer, and believe God will say yes.  “Lord, kindle my desire and hunger for your word, I want to know more of you.  In Jesus’name.  Amen.”

Until next time, God bless you and your loved ones.