January weather has been unsual “up to now” as we have had many snows and ice storms in previous years. What will February bring we wonder?

Paralee Rea and Robert Arnett attended the funeral service for Juanita Wren, in West Plains, Thursday of last week.

Our neighborhood is saddened with the passing of Joe Gaddy, who suffered with cancer of the lungs. His passing has left an empty place that will be difficult to fill, but he would want his friends and loved ones to carry on and make the world a better place to live in and prepare for eternal life.

Our sympathy is expressed for his family.

Marlyn Pitcock has surgery this Wednesday the 25th, at Skaggs Hospital in Branson to repair a stomach hernia, caused from last years emergency surgery to save his life, from a ruptured spleen. Best wishes.

Mearl and Roger Satterfield fished Friday on Bull Shoals Lake at Branson and caught some good fish. They went Thursday to their place near Sparta and returned home Saturday.

Dave and Karen took a drive to Thayer Saturday and did a little shopping while there. They went to visit their son, Larry and family, in Dora Sunday.

Velma Strain celebrated her birthday Sunday January 22 , just a few hours after her cousin, Joe Gaddy, would have had his, if he had lived. He passed away the morning of his birthday, January 21.

Maxine Smith returned from a visit with her daughter’s family in Tempe, Arizona. She went to Springfield December 12th and stayed over with her friend, Mosalene Shaw, then flew to Tempe, Arizona December 15th. She is glad to be back home since Thursday. Her eye surgery is scheduled for April, in Tempe, so she will be making another trip.

The Ozark County Historium will be featured on “Ozarks Watch” public television at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, February 26th and on February 27th at 10:30 p.m., according to the magazine schedule I receive, hosted by Dale Moore and Dr. Jim Baker. They have interesting episodes.

Roger and Lanell Long attended church at Norfork Baptist Church Sunday and they have been working on their place at the lake.

Sunday was a very foggy day and a bad day to drive on the highways.

Lilly Ridge Extension Club met Thursday for their regular monthly meeting at the health center basement room, with Edith McKinnon, hostess. It was, the day after our member, Ruth Taylors’ funeral. Next meeting will be February 16th, Karen N. Davis, hostess.

Negative thoughts increase a persons fear; Positive thinking can prevent or control anxiety.