Here it is January 9th already so time is flying by. Before we know it, spring will be here! I’m sure we all will be looking forward to that. Our soil needs moisture a snowfall could provide so that spring gardeners can benefit!

Sunday afternoon shoppers at Wal-Mart in Mountain Home were plentiful as Kris Luebbert and granddaughter Alexus and I met up with Kris’ schoolmate, Danny Dotson, and wife. It was sprinkling rain as we drove home.

Dave and Karen Davis had Saturday dinner in my home, and visited with her sister, Kris.

Warren Moody visited us one day recently. He has kept busy raking leaves.

Best wishes to Ruth Taylor in St. John’s Hospital.

Sympathy to Archie Loftis family who lost their loved one Sunday. He has been ill for quite awhile.

Salem General Baptist Church is hosting the Men’s Prayer breakfast this coming Saturday at 9:00 a.m.

It was good to meet up with Don and Betty Decker in town recently.

Jeri Ann Lash wants anyone who is interested in an exercise group to join them at Tecumseh Firehouse on Monday and Friday morning at 10:30.

An event Edith McKinnon, granddaughter, Sharon Garcia, along with Sharon’s friend, Jaidyn Miller, and Marge Thomas, attended, was during Eagle Awareness Days, in Bull Shoals Theatre of Arts. Howard Davis gave “falconry demonstrations” and live eagle and birds of prey demonstrations from Little Rock, Arkansas Zoo.

Edith McKinnon also enjoyed the Saturday morning genealogy presentation in Gainesville.

Our prayer continue daily for Joe Gaddy to improve with his health problems. He is missed at church and at daily activities. Many prayers are sent his way.

Kris Luebbert, and Alexus, visited her niece, Dana (Davis) and husband, Chet Taylor, Sunday evening.

Doug, Karen and Austin Livingston came from Springfield Saturday to visit Mearl and Beulah Satterfield and Austin hunted in the youth deer season while here. Beulah has had a cold for several days. It’s the time of year for catching a cold it seems.

Charlie Bragg, from East Wind, visited chruch at Lilly Ridge Sunday, as he has a few times before.

Regular postage went up to 45 and this month. Postcard stamps are 29 cents. The extra “ounce” stamps on regular mail is 17 cents.

Tara Miller and boys from Mountain Home visited after Christmas holidays. Tara has her 30th birthday, January 10.

A thought to remember, “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”