Last week’s news

Christmas time brought happiness for many folks, yet those who have health problems can’t enjoy the season and holiday as much.  It is a special time through, because of the birth of baby Jesus so long ago, in a lowly place, to live in the hearts of everyone who accepts Him.

Joe and Diane Easterday had their son and his wife from Stafford, Iowa visiting over the holidays.  They did what they called “cookie caroling” at “Pleasant Valley Assisted Living” in West Plains Saturday, and Saturday night there were 38 present for their neighborhood and church friends from Richville church get together.

When I had a quick growing tree come up in early spring and bloom profusely along with my original pear tree, I was surprised.  The blooms turned into small pears the size of large cherries, brown in color.  Just this week I read an article from the Missouri Department of Conservation that they are a menace; though some people want them.  They are called Callery pears.  Other than beautiful blooms, they are a pest.

I was sorry to read of the death of a former Tecumseh resident, Leroy High.  He and Pat lived near me and she belonged to Lilly Ridge Extension Club for a few years.  Sympathy to his family.

The nearby East Wind community had a misfortune week before last, losing a building and nearly the life of a resident but luckily he was saved from the fire.

I had a nice phone call from my daughter-in-law, Carol Weiss, in New Cambria, Kansas and grandson, Marty Pitcock, last Thursday.

Richard and Rene Blackburn went Friday for their daughter’s thyroid surgery near Kansas City.  Best wishes to her.

What a frosty Saturday morning we had!  I can’t remember such a heavy frost before this one.  It looked like snow!!

Our prayers are in store for our long time friend and neighbor, Joe Gaddy, as he endures some health problems, and may he and his family enjoy the days ahead together, in spite of some intermittent “not so good” times.  We certainly will be keeping their “well-being” close in our hearts and prayers.

Sunday, January 1st is our bi-monthly church dinner which most everyone enjoys.  Christmas and New Year 2012 both came in on Sunday, which is unusual and couldn’t have had a nicer day for Christmas, a blessing for those who traveled home for the holiday.

Hearing the old Christmas songs over and over the past weeks bring to mind my younger days at Lilly Ridge school when we practiced for the Christmas program to be held for the whole neighborhood, and we even took our group to Gainesville grade school.  Our neighbors from Iowa Boyd and Dot Downard, hauled their piano for the Christmas events.  She taught her son Billy and me to sing “Santa Claus In Coming to Town”, from the “new” sheet music, in 1935, for our special.

Karen and Dave Davis had their family all together Sunday for Christmas dinner which Karen prepared.  She had a lot of hungry folks to feed!  I was invited but declined, so enjoyed a large plate of food delivered by the grandchildren.  I must have had that all planned ahead.

Keith and Katrina Davis visited me Saturday morning on their way to town and Warren Moody came one day last week bringing gifts from them.

It was good to hear from Dennis and Amy Galyardt, in Loveland, Colorado; they expect to come back to Mtn. Home for awhile in January.

The genealogy classes to be taught in January should be helpful for those who want to learn their family history.  The first class being at 9:00 AM, January 7th, at the Historium.  I hope winter weather doesn’t interfere.

Mike King and wife visited his mom, Stella King at Christmas

Dave and Karen Davis visited Dana and Chet Taylor Monday for an “after Christmas” dinner.  They stopped by on their way, bringing me a load of dry wood for my Ashley heater.

Best wishes to Chet as he goes to St. Louis for surgery on his shoulder, December 30th.

A thought to ponder as election year comes along “ninety percent of politics is deciding whom to blame”.

This week’s news:

A New Year came in to remind us how fast time is passing by! “Happy New Year” 2012 to everyone who reads our local news.

Lilly Ridge Church had their bi-monthly Sunday dinner January 1st, after services.

Best wishes to Chet Taylor recovering from shoulder surgery in St. Louis December 30th.  Dana attended church Sunday at Lilly Ridge.

Kris Luebbert and granddaughter, Alexus, have been here visiting through the holidays.  They were in Forsyth visiting Marlyn Pitcocks and did some shopping in Branson.

Richard Ott came from Portland, Oregon and while here he, Kris and Alexus met Karen Davis in West Plains for lunch at Ryans.  They came back to Udall and saw Dave and Karen’s new house.  Richard flew from the Branson airport December 30th back to Oregon.  Kindra Pitcock Vega took the family on a tour where she is employed, through the Branson airport.

Tandy and Theresa Strong are back in Millers store, I have heard, after the ones who leased their business moved out around January 1st.

It was good to talk to Don Decker and catch up on his and Betty’s “well being”.

When Kris Luebbert, Kindra Vega and Charlene Pitcock shopped at Branson Landing Saturday, Marlyn took the time to go fishing.  I enjoyed visiting with them December 30th, along with daughter Kris.

I am using a “new to me” trash service now and appreciate it.

Best wishes and prayers go to Joe Gaddy and others who are ill.

Mack Suter, of Springfield was buried at Udall last week, brother of the late Leo Suter. He was 76 years old.

My neighbor, Judy Breyne, bought a double wide mobile home from Bonnie Coffey and moved recently to Gainesville.

It was good to hear Mike Evans went after his mom Erma Miller and husband Elmer and also took them to church Sunday.  They’ve both been very ill. Best wishes.

The Rose Parade was very pretty for New Year’s celebration.

It has been a windy time as the New Year came in.

Just a thought “patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears.”

Keith and Katrina Davis and Dana Taylor visited Sunday afternoon with us, also Keith’s daughter, Jaycee.

I have been fortunate to have lots of leaf raking done by family members, and my oak trees produced an extra amount of them the past year.  We have been lucky to not have snow and ice conditions up to this time of the year.

Happy New Year to everyone.