Sweden Church News

The chosen scripture for today was II Corinthians 5:17-19.  It’s a tall order to cover all that is contained in these three verses.  Even taller, yet, is to be able to cover them and leave behind some kind of clarity.  Our pastor did just that by sprinkling his sermon with examples and clarification from other verses.

The opening covered “if any man be in Christ” (v. 17) and the example had to do with a cathouse, a house that Brother Josh tried to build for his cat.  The result was that he built a box because he forgot to include a door.  It’s necessary to have the ability, tools, and resources to be a builder or to be in Christ.

The remainder of that verse says that man becomes a new creature.  This simply means that the world is viewed in a different light.  It’s like new love.  Suddenly everything looks different—hence the rose-colored glasses cliché.  Verse 18 begins ‘all things are of God’.  The remainder of the verse spells out what God has done.  This is the ability part.  Once man is a new creature, God has the ability to finish the work.

Verse 19 points out that God worked through Christ to settle the enmity (hostility) between Himself and mankind.  Christ is the tool.  He is the one who performed the reconciliation between God and His creation.  This takes care of abilities and tools; now, for the resources part.

The last part of verse 19 are the words hath committed unto us.  This is the part where man reconciles himself to God.  How does he do this?  By becoming ambassadors for Christ (v. 20).  An ambassador, to be effective, must be knowledgeable.  Effective ambassadors are the resources of God’s plan.

Copies of the sermon are available and free.  Call (417)543-6219 to get a copy. Have a God-blessed, God-inspired, and God-filled week.