Sweden Church

Reminder:  Our Fifth Sunday Feast is January 29, this coming Sunday.  There is always room at the table for one more.  Come and bring guests.  New faces are welcome.

“When God measures a man, He puts the tape around the heart instead of the head.”  (page 6 of God’s Little Instruction Book)  It’s a nice way to start today’s message.  Another good one is “If you didn’t see it with your own little eyes, don’t make it up with your own little mouth.”  The preacher said this one in today’s sermon.

During the time of Christ, the Pharisees were the most influential sect.  They were known as being authorities on the laws of Moses.  They were so well respected that even the disciples questioned Jesus when he offended the Pharisees in a confrontation.  It’s in Matthew 15:12.  The offending incident was over the disciples not washing their hands before they eat.  (Interesting isn’t it?  To this day our mothers still tell us to wash our hands before we eat).  Guess what, though, Moses didn’t have this law.  It was one the Pharisees came up with.

This ticked Jesus off.  He had pointed out that they did not honor their parents which was a commandment of God.  He goes on to say that their heart is far from God. (Matthew 15:8)  Then, he tells the disciples that the Pharisees are blind.  Traditions are not what defile a person, it’s what comes from man’s heart that defiles him.  Jesus gives the example in verse 19 of thoughts from the heart which defile man.  Washing hands does not even make the top 10.  Of course, the top 10 are the Commandments.

Jesus goes on to say that those who follow the blind are blind themselves and will wind up where the blind do.  A word to the wise is sufficient.

Copies of the sermon are available and free.  Call (417) 543-6219 to get a copy. Have a God-blessed, God-inspired, and God-filled week.