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There is a book called Who’s Who in The Bible.  It contains thumbnail sketches of persons of interest from both the Old and New Testaments.  Some of the sketches are very brief (only a paragraph) and others longer (4 pages or more).  Whatever the length, the book attempts to preserve what is known about people mentioned in the Bible.  An interesting side note, over 500 are written about but there is a listing of over 3,400 at the end of the book.

My favorite verse in the Bible is Micah 6.8.  Of course, there are many favorites to be had, but this is the one that speaks to me.  It did the first time I read it.  It talks about mercy and justice and humbleness.  No doubt, these are spiritual qualities.  One who knows about the personality will call permanent characteristics traits.  For instance, if someone is described as honest, this is a known quality that is consistent.  It is a trait—one that actually describes the individual.  They are honest.

Micah was a prophet about the same time as Isaiah, around 800 B.C.  In the short 7 chapters devoted to him, he pronounces judgments followed by possibilities of pardon and blessings.  The pleadings in Chapter 6 are with Israel.  They have been unfaithful.  Micah points out the great things God has done for His people; brought them out of Egypt, saved them from slavery, gave them Moses, Aaron, and Miriam.  And what has the response been?—more and more sacrifices.  Still they don’t get it.  This is when verse 8 pops out.

Cut the sacrifices—God wants a change in behavior, a personality change.  He wants his people to be just, to love mercy (kindness), and to be humble with God.  Sounds easy but if it is to be permanent, a trait, it has to be a conscious effort.

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