Sweden Church

Teachers have a golden opportunity to meet all kinds of students especially those that are in high school.  These are the beginnings of young adults that will face tomorrow’s challenges and, for better or worse, will make decisions in the future that affect society.  In the classroom students’ behaviors are based on what is acceptable as part of their social group.  But it’s in the extracurricular activities where the vision of what students may become is readily visible.  Here the students display how they will handle being competitive.

There is a thing called ‘choking’.  It’s where a student has prepared for competition, is ready, and for unknown reasons freeze up.  This is called choking—great in the practices but when it comes time to compete, well, it’s a little like deer in headlights.

There is just such a story in Matthew 19:16-22.  The young man comes asking what he can do to receive eternal life.  Following the story it’s apparent he has worked on doing all the right things to prepare.  Then, when he gets to the nitty-gritty of it, he chokes.  He came all the distance and then rejects the final step.

This is the way the preacher put it.  It’s like getting all the gear ready to go on a fishing trip.  It’s been shipped, the trip has been made, the drive to the camp is done, the boat is in the water and it’s time to go fishing.  Except, the fisherman says, “No, I don’t think I’ll fish.”  Very, very few fishermen would ever do this—probably none.  The same could go for going hunting.

How many wonderful people are out their in this world who choke when it comes to the final step for salvation?

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