Well, we have had a week of all kinds of weather around here. Cold wind, cold temperatures, snow and warm days too. It seems confusing as to what to wear and also what you can do outdoors. We are very thankful, though, for having a warm and dry place to live and plenty of food to eat. God is really good to us.

We were pleasantly surprised when our granddaughter and her husband, Synthia and Brentyn Bishop, drove in from Texas. He just returned to the states on December 21st, from Afghanistan.

On Friday, Donna Bannister came down and we went to Clever .

Visitors in our home this week were Pauline Okheyson, Donna Bannister, Nora Hunsaker, Lee Williams, Jack, Barb, Miracle and Preston Breshears.

On Monday, Nora Edwards had outpatient surgery and is doing fine.

I have been on the phone with family about my Uncle Hugh Morris. He is in the hospital and not doing very good. I have talked to Howard Morris, Aunt Violet Morris and Herb and Judie Morris.

I am enjoying the writings that River Stillwood is putting in the Douglas County Herald. I just hope she is having better luck with riding the horse now.

I enjoyed a visit with a former neighbor, Angela McKay, at Walmart on Saturday.

We met Uncle Mack Miller, Bob and Linda McCleary, Jack and Barb Breshears at McDonald’s for a snack.

Until next week, be happy and healthy.