Sunday morning service began with some good music from instrumentals, some congregational songs and prayer. Sister Joyce Erickson sang a beautiful special song.

Brother Roberts brought the message from I Peter 5:8, “Be Resolved in 2012, To Make Each Day The Best Day of Your Life.”

Brother Mahlon Schmucker brought the evening message from Acts 2:17, “We Need A Vision.”

We offer our sympathy to Beverly Watson and her family for the passing of her mother, Mrs. Burk.

We were glad to hear that Parker Smith, Betty Larimer and Nora Edwards were all doing better and home from the hospital.

Nora Edwards had a succesful outpatient surgery and is home feeling good the last time I talked to her.

Visiting Bob and Nora Edwards during the week were Robert Roberts, Tillie, Gage, and Seth Fowler, Toby and Jacinda Sheppard, Mary Mackey, Shelden Walker and Sheila Grey.

Bob and Nora Edwards along with other family and friends enjoyed celebrating the 2nd birthday party for their great grandaughter, Alexis Swearengin, in her home on Saturday night. After opening her gifts, a Minnie Mouse cake and ice cream were served.

Delmar and I made a trip to Nixa to get a part for our electric heater and stopped back by Arby’s and enjoyed a sandwich. On Wednesday, we met Jack and Barb Breshears, Bob and Linda McCleary and Uncle Mack Miller in town for lunch. On Thursday, we met Jack and Barb Breshears and Tinley Dry at McDonald’s for breakfast, then later that day, Stacie Hamby and the kids came by and asked me to go to Ava Drug for ice cream so, yes, I went.

Delmar and I ate supper with Nora Hunsaker and Lee Williams, in Mansfield on Thursday evening.

On Friday, my daughter, Becky Carter, came down from Nixa and stayed the night . We visited while I sewed her some new curtains for her kitchen.

On Saturday, Wilma Hamby brought us some beef liver and so I thawed some of it out then, Nora Hunsaker and Lee Williams came down and we enjoyed liver and onions for supper. I appreciate it, Joe and Wilma Hamby.

Pauline Okheyson came by and visited awhile, she also met Becky Carter and me at Ava Drug for ice cream.

On Sunday, Delmar and I visited at the nursing home with Irene Richards, Laura Lansdown, Helen Allen, Ruth Hall, Larry Peak, Neva Vinson and several others.

I have talked to Aunt Violet Morris several times this week as she has been pretty sick with the flu. She is doing lots better now.

I have been cutting out quilt pieces to make a red, white and blue quilt. I think it is going to be really pretty.

Until next week, just remember, The Sun’s Coming Up In The Morning, whether we see it or not.