Sandy Church

It was so good to have Pastor Neal back with us.  The Lord truly blessed them as they were able to do all the things that they had planned.  He and two other men climbed Kilimanjaro in five days and came down in two days.  He showed the pictures he had taken at our service Sunday evening.  It was interesting to see where he had been.

Our devotional reading was from Deuteronomy 7.  Many prayer requests were shared.  Among those were Doug, Chuck, Eldon, Donna and Wayne, Payton, Marsha, Rhonda, our nation, leaders and troops.

Happy birthday was sung to Jerry Pitts.

Offertory prayer was prayed by Brad Siler as he and Clay McFarlin received our Lord’s tithes and offerings.

Danny Johnson led us in the song. Testimonies were given about our Good Lord.  We had special prayer for Eldon Hodges and Trish Menzies.

Brother James Hathcock was our speaker.  He read from Luke 8, the woman having an issue of blood 12 years.  “Jesus turned a spotlight on her and showcased her faith”.  Jesus is willing to stop and listen and meet our needs.

Next Sunday at 4 pm we will meet in the fellowship hall for our annual business meeting.  We pray the Lord will guide us to fill all the places in his ministry.