Sandy Church

Prayer requests were for Ray Lee, Zack, and Chuck and, of course, our Pastor Neal Crum, who is in Tanzania, Africa.  He had called LeaAnn on Saturday.  He had arrived at night.  It was dark so he didn’t know what was around him, but he awoke the next morning to women and children singing.  He reported to LeaAnn on Sunday.  They had climbed 9,000 feet up the mountain.  Happy birthday was sung to Elane Crum.  Doyle Humbyrd, our Sunday School Superintendent, shared the story of Esther.

Stan Humbyrd prayed our offertory prayer as he and Danny Johnson received our Lord’s tithes and offerings.  Testimonies were shared about our Good Lord.

We were glad to have Kendall and Tammy Call and girls with us.

Van Menzies filled in for Pastor Neal.  He spoke about a New Year, renewal and read from Romans 12.

A fellowship dinner followed, which looked different than usual—more vegetables and fruit, less meat and desserts, but very delicious.

At 6 p.m., prayer requests were given for Paula Calmer, who will be in St Louis this week for an MRI and Pastor Neal’s trip.  Doyle Humbyrd prayed this prayer.  Several testimonies were shared about trusting in the Lord.  LeaAnn and Erin Crum sang after LeaAnn shared scripture from Luke 4.

Van Menzies read from Ephesians 6.  He spoke of hearing from God.  A discussion followed with different people giving an account of experiences of hearing the Lord speak to them.  We closed our service with special prayer at the altar for Ashton Crum, who is graduating high school and looking and checking out colleges.

We have special prayer meeting Tuesday at 7 p.m. and Bible study on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. with Brother Van Menzies this week.

Come and worship with us.  You are always welcome.