Looks like we are going to have a beautiful day this Monday morning, January 23, so thankful the storms went South, our electric was off a couple hours last night. The wind must have caused a tree to fall on a line somewhere. White River Valley Electric is really good to get right on those problems.

Plainview School’s ball teams have been playing lots of games there and elsewhere. They win some and lose some.

Julian Cavalier was working on Glen and Judy Ross’ house last week when he fell off the roof. He fell on his shoulder and arm. It’s a wonder that he didn’t break something. That same day, Dick Richards hurt his upper left arm. He thought it was broken at first. Thank goodness it wasn’t.

The bug has gone through the Thompson family. Several were out of church yesterday because of this stuff going around. Among them were Freeda Richards.

Art and Charlie Hampton and his friend and Dick Richards were all at Tony Richards’ garage Wednesday evening where Tony was frying fish. Dick brought me some. They were good, nothing like fresh fish from Beaver Creek.

Dick and I and Norma Cross went to Ava Thursday and were planning on going to the nursing home after shopping when we ran into Oliver Jenkins’ wife, Liz. She told us she had been there earlier and they had a sign up warning people of the flu, so we decided not to go in. The residents there don’t need for people to carry something into them. Tony did go up to see his mother, Irene Richards, on Friday. He said she was doing okay. She has been moved to the west end.

There were 34 people from the Goodhope General Baptist Church who went to the Stained Glass Theatre Friday evening to watch the play The Praying Man. It was very good.

If anyone in the area wants to put news in the paper, call me 683-2770.