Old man winter hasn’t hit us too hard yet this winter and that suits me just fine. It sounds like we might get some snow later this week.

Plainview School’s 5th and 6th grades and 3rd and 4th grades had their first basketball games Thursday night at Skyline. Both teams won.

Deann Thompson got very sick with strep in her foot last week. Thank goodness they found it quick and was able to stop the infection.

Norma Cross and her son, Kenny, had a bout with a bug last week.

Goodhope General Baptist Church hosted the Tag Team Preaching and Singing Saturday night. Those of you that didn’t make it, missed a blessing. There was food and fellowship afterwards. The Dogwood Nazarene Church will be the next host on the first Saturday night in February.

Sunday afternoon was Goodhope General Baptist Church time to have singing and preaching at the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare. Everyone seemed to enjoy us being there. We were able to visit our friends and loved ones. Teresa Robertson had little stuffed animals for the children to pass out to the residents. Those little children bring smiles to most old people.

Dick Richards had a good visit with Helen and Ronnie Dobbins Sunday afternoon.

God bless.