1-12-12 It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone. I wish everyone a happy new year.

Jim and Cherrie Goetsch from Long Grove, Iowa and their daughter, Jennifer, and her friend, Brad, from Iowa City, came down for a visit Tuesday. Jennifer and Brad went to Branson Wednesday and Norma Cross had Jim and Cherrie and Dick and I, at her home for lunch. On Thursday Jim and Cherrie and Dick went to Springfield for the day, but they got back in time to go to the Plainview School basketball scrimmage at Thornfield. Also going were Bruce and Marsha Bratin, Kelly Thompson’s folks from Illinois. We all went to watch Kailey Thompson play ball. They all left for their homes Friday morning. Norma Cross and I went to the nursing home Friday. We found Irene Richards sitting in her wheelchair. She is always so happy to have visitors. Raymond Bricker who is her brother, came to see her earlier in the week. She found out he had gone to the hospital but didn’t have to stay.

Betty Bricker took him to the Seymour Nursing Home Friday evening. Adrainn Owens and his son had stopped in to see Irene one day. Tony had been by that morning. We took our cousin, Goldie Miller, a bouquet of flowers for her birthday on the 31st of December. She wasn’t feeling very good. Then we went to see Peggy Jenkins. She was working on some craft stuff. As usual, she was happy to see us. She was kinda sad, Randy had taken her to the ear doctor in Springfield. He told her she will be ┬ástone deaf before long. All these ladies told us of the school children that came to see them during the Christmas holidays.

Freeda Richard’s sisters, Lanora Burton and Betty Jenkins, came by and picked her up Sunday morning. They all came to the Goodhope General Baptist Church. Betty had made cornbread and black eyed peas for their lunch. She said she never misses eating black eyed peas on the first day of the year. It is a tradition here in the Ozarks, but so many of us have forgotten it. Thanks Betty for reminding us. Maybe I’ll remember it next year.

Freeda is feeling much better. She was happy that she gets to see all her family during Christmas time. She has five grands and four great-grands. Mark Richards from NewYork got to come by to see her.

We heard good reports from our youth and their leaders, about their two days and nights in Branson last week to attend the Extreme. They heard lots of preaching and singing and had a good fellowship with youth from different places.

God bless everyone.