Rainbow Ridge News

Freeda Holt visited with Tom and Jewell Johnson again last week. Although they have family around them all the time, it is nice to have a visitor.

Norma Stillings drove Paulette Walls to a doctor’s appointment, Monday. They enjoyed mild temperatures and a beautiful sunlit day. On the way home they saw a bright yellow “sun dog” in the south western sky. Paulette, who grew up in St. Louis had not seen one before, but she knew the saying that there would soon be “falling weather.”

Norma Stillings visited by phone Sunday afternoon with her sister, Anna Goos, who lives in Lee’s Summit. One of the best things in life is to have a sister who although she lives about four hours away is close in spirit. What can you really say when you think you have the best sister in the world. We survived the teen years still being friends. Our paths took us down slightly different roads, but those paths always converged when there was sickness and death in the family. When our mother, Juanita Rogers was suffering the last days of her life with bone cancer, Anna came to stay. I was still teaching, I took off every other day for a few weeks to share in the care, but it was Anna that was there all the time. Over the course of time, the health of our dad, Melvin Rogers also declined and when he or our step-mother Mildred or our younger sister, Melva, would be in the hospital both Anna and her husband Pete would lay aside what ever they were doing and here they would come.

Anna celebrated a birthday, Monday, January 23. It is my hope and my prayer that she has many more happy birthdays and that she has the good health to enjoy them.