Quad Cities

1-9-12 Here it is “12” already. So far I haven’t forgotten and written “11” yet. But I haven’t written it very many times so I probably will. And here, more than a week has already gone by and what a nice winter we’ve had so far. I hope we don’t pay dearly later on. Not quite seven weeks until March. Actually it’s coming a little too fast for me. My birthday is in March and I still have to move. I’ve been working on it.

We went to the Cities on the 22nd of December and stayed with Candi’s pet while she and Jarred went to Missouri to be with her family down there. We enjoyed our stay there, being with the animals and visiting with friends and family. I always play “I’m gonna get you?” with the dogs and chase them around and they love it. Emmy the cat lays on the floor in front of me and rolls around wanting me to pet her so I take my foot with just my sock on and rub her and she loves that.

When we first got there we went on over to Frank’s (Dee) and gave him his Christmas gift and visited with him and he made me a cup of coffee. He had already gave us our gift. Then we took Rob and Sharon gifts over to them in East Moline. (Dee lives in Silvis, but they’re close together.)

We didn’t get to see Rob and Sharon then, but later. So then we went and did our shopping for what we needed. I spent one of my Christmas gifts on yarn and beads to work with while I was there. Then we went on over to Candi’s and got settled in there. We spent Christmas there and just enjoyed being lazy and watching television and getting rested up from all the running we had been doing.

One day after that we went to Silvis Hy-Vee and met Walt’s daughter, Berta, her good friend, Joe, and Berta’s daughter, Amber and her family, which included husband, Ryan and the babies, Rylan and Savannah. It’s such a joy to see those sweet little darlings. I love the little things so much. Rylan just turned two and Savannah will be one in a few days. She looks tiny to be one, but so cute and pretty. She has dark hair that’s probably shoulder length or a little more and blue eyes and little dimples. She smiles a lot so you get to see her dimples a lot and little Rylan is still cute as ever. I thought it was funny when Ryan was up getting his food and they could see him and they were both saying, “Dad, dad, dad, dad.” I’m sure that made him feel good after not having any kids two years ago and now with two saying, “Dad, dad, dad.” Anyway it was cute to see. We had some gifts for them and I put Rylan’s in a gift bag that had a picture of a train on it and he said, “choo-choo” when he saw it. He loves Thomas the train so I found a little t-shirt with that on it. I had made Savannah a white, kind of wooley cap with white lamb ears lined in pink and I found a little doll in Wal-Mart with a cap on just like it and it’s holding a little lamb and you press on a button and it says, “Baa, baa” so Amber’s going to take a picture of her holding the doll with her “lamb” cap on.

Rob and Sharon came over one day and brought our gifts and visited a while. Sharon was wearing a pullover top I gave her and some necklaces and earrings I made her for Christmas and she looked good in them. It was nice to visit with them again. We hadn’t seen Sharon for quite some time.

Then on December 31st we went to Fruitland, Iowa just south of Muscatine and just off Hwy. 61 to granddaughter, Lisa and Joe’s house for our Christmas with my family and also to celebrate Anita and Jared’s birthdays. Anita’s being December 27 and Jared’s December 30. Anita had to work so she didn’t get there until just before we had to leave and get back to East Moline and let the dogs out. But we got o see her and give her and Jared birthday gifts. I got Lisa’s name when we drew names so I just got Christmas gifts for her and great-grand, Zoie. I got her another Barbie, made a bed and a few clothes and the little quilt and some sheets, etc. I’ll make more later. Lisa said Zoie likes to hunt and goes hunting with her dad, Jared. Candi and Jared got back home that night so we came back to the farm January 1.

I forgot to say we went back to Dee’s and gave him a birthday card and gift one day. I think December 30 is his birthday.

I better quit this so Walt can jump on old Risky and take it to the mailbox. I hope you have a good 2012. Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.