Oak Grove Church

We braved the foggy morning that was not cold enough to freeze, yet was wet enough to chill you thoroughly. After Sunday school we were treated to specials songs from Branetta and Beverly McNiece.

Our morning message was taken from I John 2, and an in-depth, look at the teachings which try to combine Christianity and Islam. The two are diametrically opposed and can never coexist in a true sense of peace. Since the Christian faith is based on love and faith in the God of the Bible; while Islam is based on a foundation of hatred and disdain for any who do not agree with their view.

A religion which is happy to introduce the Koran into Christian worship services, yet cringes at the very thought of a Bible, and the gospels it contains being introduced in their mosques. Christianity could be no more unequally yoked than to allow the teaching of Islam to be introduced as part of our worship services. Shame on any “Christian” leader who has no more commitment to the cause of Christ than to allow such heresy to take place in their worship service, as to even acknowledge the Koran as scripture.

Our evening message, from II Timothy 2:14-26 focused on the many different types of traps and snares the enemy casts into our paths, and to whom we should call and cling to; that we might have the hope of salvation and eternal life.

We still held your seat, come pay us a visit, you will be blessed, the cause of Christ will be blessed and we will all have a great time in the Lord.