Oak Grove Church

One week ago, January 8th, Bro. Raymond Haden filled in for me here at Oak Grove for the morning service and for the evening service, Bro. Lynn Jennings filled in for me.

I was asked to speak at Macedonia General Baptist Church in Franklin, Kentucky that Sunday in conjunction with their mission to Honduras. We had a wonderful service which was SKYPed to Honduras and the service in Honduras was SKYPed to our service in Franklin. To complete the service we had a joint candle light service with the mission team in Honduras and it was a truly special experience. You really should have been there.

This Sunday morning passed (the 15th) our message was drawn from Jeremiah 17:5-10 and entitled “Is Your Halter To Tight?” With the analogy of scripture as the means by which The Father commuicates His desires to us. Along with the fact that scripture was given to us, that we might gain a better understanding of his guidance and direction through our study of his holy word.

After church, you missed a fellowship dinner if you didn’t accept my open invitation. The fellowship dinner was then followed by choir practice, we could have used your voice and you could have satisfied your appetite.

Well the invite is still open. Come, be our guest as a worship service. We would love to have you, and I’m still saving you a seat.