Oak Grove Church

Again God blessed us with a beautiful weekend to enjoy his blessings and provision. This New Year started with sunshine and clear skies and several special guests for worship services.

Our New Years Day morning message, A “New” Year, (how’s that for an original title), taken from our text in Ecclesiastes 1, where Solomon makes the statement, “There is no new things under the sun” in conjunction with the many times in scripture that the Lord “made new things.” We explored the possibilities of his making new things, even in our lives today.

Our evening message was, The First Rejection” taken from Luke 4:16-30, Jesus’ message to the folks in his hometown, and how well it was received, they wanted to throw him off a cliff. Many people do the same thing today by failing to receive Him.

Next Sunday we will have two guest speakers. Sunday morning Bro. Raymond Haden will bring the message and the evening message will be given by Bro. Lynn Jennings. Come and be our guest, expecting a blessing, we have a seat just for you; of course you already knew that, oh yes; there is free valet parking – (if you bring your own valet.)