Mt. Tabor Church

We gathered together for services Sunday, singing, and raising many petitions for prayer for our church families, friends and loved ones. We appreciated our visitors and invite them back.

Our church was saddened to lose Brother Jim Carter and Brother Art Levan, who both had suffered lengthy illnesses.

Our sympathy also to the family of Raymond Cody, who passed away Tuesday evening.

Brother Dennis read from Joshua 10:6-11, speaking about God taking care of His own. God will keep His promise to never leave us or forsake us. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, what a comforting thought.

We had a great turnout for our service at Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Sunday afternoon. We appreciate all who helped and received the blessing.

Mae Cox is continuing to stay in out of the cold weather. She had calls from Johnny and Thetis and Huba, who are not very well. Sylvia Pinkle is recovering from a broken wrist, our best to her. Betty Jenkins and Lenore Burton visited Mae last Friday, Brother Dennis Shumate visited her Tuesday, as well as Lisa Johnson and Jesse and Donna on the weekend.

Bessie Hall continues to slowly improve, her visitors this past week have been, J.C.Hall, Jewell and Tom Elliott, Lisa Johnson and Jesse, Brother Dennis Shumate, Kim Clements, Tom and Rosie Harris and Kay Hutchison. Nina Carter came Tuesday and brought her family by to visit with Bessie before they returned to their homes following the funeral of Jim Carter.

Company for Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock this past week was Ed and Kathy Koca, Eleazar and Ronda Soto, Tom and Rosie Harris, Jim and Jo Hathcock, Kay Hutchison and Jewell Elliott.

Myrl Cox’s children, Paul, Jeanne and Pat, all visited her this last week.

Recent visitors of Harold and Kay Hutchison have been Danny and Kim Clements, Morgan and Dylan and Sarah Claussen, and Jewell Elliott.

Tom and Jewell attended the funeral for Dale Lakey, Friday. They visited later in the evening with Albert and Doris Elliott.

Visitors with Tom and Jewell this week were James Elliott, Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Elliott and children, Sunday evening. Jewell visited Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock, Tuesday.