Mt. Tabor Church

It was a good beginning to a New Year, to be in God’s house Sunday morning. As usual, our prayer request list continues to grow, and we continue to miss those who are still recuperating, and those with health problems. Our hope is that the new year will bring better health, peace and joy to those who love the Lord and salvation for those who are still seeking a change in their heart.

Brother Dennis read from 1Timothy 6, speaking about making New Year’s resolutions that have no meaning and are usually broken. We need to set goals for ourselves that involve doing more for our our fellow brothers and sisters and making a difference for Christ.

We appreciated having Judy Yellets and several of her family with us Sunday. Some of our members are spending time with family members in this holiday season and hope all will be back soon.

Mae Cox reports brother, Thetis, not doing very well and now wife, Huba, has pneumonia, as well. Mae had Christmas in her home for her family, Tom and Donna Nichols, Lisa Johnson and Jesse, Tim and Lindsey Hall, Hunter and Lauren, with dinner and gift exchange. Bucker Nelson visited Mae one day, also.

Bessie Hall is staying in but doing a little better, her visitors were Carla Wilson, Kay Hutchison, Kim Clements, Jewell Elliott, J.C. Hall, Vicky Burnett, Lisa Johnson and Jesse. She appreciates all the beautiful cards she has received.

Those visiting with Tom and Jewell Elliott recently were J.C. Hall and Vicky Burnett, Jim and Carla Hearod, Lester and Lorene Thurman, Richard Dowell, Shaun and LeAnna Elliott, MaKayla and Logan and James Elliott. MaKayla and Logan spent Saturday night with the Elliotts and MaKayla attended church with great-grandma, Jewell.

Mary Ann Hathcock has been under the weather with the “bug” that has been hitting lots of folks in the area. She is feeling some better at this time. Visitors in the Hathcock home have been Eleazar Jr. and Jessica Soto and children, Ronda and Eleazar Soto, Jan Jones and Jewell Elliott.

Morgan Clements spent New Year’s eve with Harold and Kay Hutchison.

Freeda Richards stopped in for a visit with Harold and Kay Hutchison, Saturday morning.

Jim and Nina Carter continue to make several trips each week to Springfield for treatment, our prayers are for safety for them and a good result for Jim.

Don and Evelyn Bryan recently returned from a trip to California, where they attended the boot camp graduation for their grandson, Caleb. Several other family members made the trip from Kansas with the Bryans.