Little Creek

My sister, Jean, called just now to remind to write some news. I had forgotten so I’ll get busy and get this in the mail.

It is sunny, but windy today and I’m wondering if we are going to continue to be lucky through all of January. Maybe will have a mild winter although we still have plenty of time.

Jean and her son, Rusty, drove to Cabool Saturday to attend her cousin, Jerry Lewis’ funeral. Jerry is Aunt Edith Wise Lewis’s youngest son.

Autum Miller and her aunt, Kiya, spent the weekend with Jim and Jean, her great-grands and Rusty, her grandfather and Danny and Jamie Dry joined them for Sunday dinner.

Kasey and Terry came by Sunday morning. They had spent the weekend cleaning house. Karen Evans helped Saturday with cleaning the kitchen.

Karen and I went shopping Friday. She helps shop and then loads and unloads and does so much for me. I love her and certainly appreciate everything she does so willingly for me.

She picked up my gift from the Douglas County Herald staff and it was especially nice. I appreciate it!

My other daughter, Kim Smith, and my grandson, Jody, came down from Fair Grove Tuesday. We were joined by Burr and Ruth and Karen. It was a good day.

Burr came this morning to fill my stove with pellets. He is handy.

I have a new aide who is replacing Vonda. She is a young Christian girl with two children and her name is Nicole. I’m sure we’ll get along fine.

I’m missing Vonda, never the less, for we are compatible and know many of the same people. Vonda and I have done everything from cooking new recipes to canning beets and making many loaves of zucchini bread for the freezer. Of course Vonda did the work and I contributed my opinion. I miss my friend and wish her a very happy retirement and better health and the pleasure of doing her own housework. Vonda has earned her retirement many times over.

I got to go to club Wednesday for a pleasant day with friends. Nice to see Darold Evans out and about after being hospitalized with a blood clot in the leg.

I talked via phone with my sister, Jo. She had been sick and didn’t come to club.

May we all have a nice week ahead and contribute as much happiness to others as we’d like to receive.