Little Creek

This Monday morning is very nice for a winter day. Everyone keeps wondering when winter will unleash some cold snowy days upon us. But I take each season in stride due to the modern conveniences we have and also to the fact that  I don’t have anything to do that requires outdoor activity.

I recall the days of growing up in a little two-room cabin with a King heater and an “outhouse” for a toilet. Once winter was over we were outside from morning to dark. We had tricycles and woods to play in and barns to explore. Life was simple from season to season and we didn’t have much, but we didn’t need much. We learned to enjoy life and all that nature had to offer. I’ve always enjoyed the rain, a thunderstorm with thunder and lightning and the snow. I don’t need everything available these days, but it’s nice to have a choice and my favorite modern conveniences are air-conditioning and heat that doesn’t require a wood stove.

It was good to be in church with everyone in high spirits and reverence for our Lord. Our lesson in Matthew 14 and 15 was good for Danny is a good teacher and everyone is free to explore and share view points. I always enjoy class.

Things have settled down now that the holidays are behind us and our family had a wedding to anticipate and plan for. My youngest son, Kasey, was married to Terry so now I have my third daughter-in-law and we all are happy to add her and her children to our family. Terry has two daughters, Natasha and Monica and son, Steven.

The wedding was very, very nice at Clark Church with Buddy Boyd performing the ceremony and Brian Degase blessing with prayer. The bride was most beautiful and the groom was nervous, but handsome in a tuxedo. Terry’s attendants were her daughters and Steven gave her away. The beautiful little flower girl was Beverly. Kasey’s best men were Tim Thompson and Steven McChesney.

The day on Saturday was perfect with beautiful sunshine and with a houseful of family and friends to wish them well in their life together.

Buddy was fullfilling the roll that Mark was not here to do and we are thankful he was willing and  available to do a beautiful service. His requirement was for them to stay together.

That’s everyones wish for them and that they will allow the Lord to direct their path together.

The new year will bring we know not what, but we started if off together at my sister and her husband, Jean and Jim Frye’s home with their family. We were all happy to be together. I had planned to be home early because I didn’t thnk I could stay up until midnight, but we got to reminiscing and game playing and before I realized the time it was almost a new year’s beginning. I went with them to ring the church bell at the stroke of midnight. I enjoyed the food and everything and especially the music. I wish a good blessed new year. God bless us everyone. Oh, I must congratulate Vanessa and husband at the birth of their daughter. Vanessa was a Delp, the daughter of Randall and Debbie Delp and granddaughter of Newt and Jo Delp. We are happy for you all.

And congratulations are in order to my grandson, Aaron Taber, who passed his GED test with a high score – high enough to enable him to go to college with scholarships. We are all so proud of Aaron and his accomplishments and his change of attitude and demeanor. He is to be commended for overcoming and for taking advantage of the opportunity the Lord made available for him by placing him in the place that directed his pathway to a wondeful future. Please include him when you pray.

My friend, Hester, reminded me that she didn’t see my news that she searched for. So the Lord willing I’ll strive to write another year.

And lately I strive to not forget and to get everything written without offending anyone and not leaving out anything. So I also need your prayers and I appreciate everyone for the encouragement and especially, Lois, a favorite person I know.