Lilly Ridge Extension Club Monthly Meeting

The January 19th monthly meeting was in the health center basement at 10:00 a.m. Present were President, Karen N. Davis; Lily Branco, Treasurer; Linnie Ingram, card chairman and reporter; Amy Galyardt; Edith McKinnon, hostess; and Lynn Bentele, member. All united in the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag. A devotion was given by hostess, Edith McKinnon, and a memorial for our deceased member, Ruth Taylor.

Roll call was “Our New Year’s Resolution.” Minutes were not given as our secretary, Alice Hurley, was absent, due to her husband’s illness.

Karen turned in her Best Choice labels and we encourage all members to get theirs ready to be mailed soon as we receive our bonus certificate, later this month.

Paid up members are 16 in number which included Ruth Taylor, deceased.

We appreciate Lynn for the nice cards for club.

Door prize was won by Linnie.

February 16 meeting will be hosted by Karen.

Rhonda Herndon was guest speaker, on genealogy at 11 a.m.

Members and visitors are encouraged to attend our February 16th meeting. New members are welcome. We adjourned at noon.