It sure was a foggy Sunday. In some places ice was froze on the trees.

Attendance was 60 at Garrison Church. Zelda Jones and Joe Rozell gave birthday offerings. Zelda said 17 family members went to Lamberts to eat for her birthday Saturday night and she enjoyed her family Sunday. Joe got a fried chicken dinner with gravy, mashed potatoes and etc. Sunday his daughter, Tracy, was preparing the chicken her husband, Tim, told us. It sounds like both had good birthdays.

The cutest thing and such a blessing – Lisa Ellison and grandson, Wyatt, sang. He did a great job. Lisa also sang a solo. Melany Stevens sang Sunday night and she sang last week.

Janie Morrison has been enjoying her cookbook that Levera Nelson’s daughter, Neva Mae (Nelson) Stewart sent her. The book contains recipes that Levera had. Neva’s parents, lived in our community below J.C. and Pat Nelson’s farm. Janie said they had their usual company.

I talked to Gracie Williams and she said Mike and Joyce visited her. Due to the cold she does not get out. I enjoy talking to her.

Remember the ones who lost their homes at the Missouri Hotel. Lots of missionary work around home.

Thursday I visited my sister, Sybil Harvill. It was a nice day and I thought of her and her early lettuce bed. She was out raking leaves from her porch. And her almanac was open to see when it was a good time to sow her early lettuce bed. Janie Morrison asked me if her Christmas flower lived that Phyllis Bloomer brought to her. The answer is yes and it looks good. I told Janie if anyone can get anything to grow, it’s her. She got that from Mom and Grandma, Vina Morrison.

John Siler and James went fishing Friday. I don’t visit like I did since James retired. I imagine they wished he retired early.

While walking Thursday Brandon and Chris Morrison stopped for a chat. He had (Brandon) his daughter, Hadley with him. She was in the back seat. He probably thought if he showed her to us she might of cried. We are usually decked out when we walk. I wear my curtain on my head as Raina Powell said, “Why has Linda Jo got a curtain on her head for?” Her grandpa, Jerry Nelson said, “I doubt she ever saw anyone wear a head scarf.” My mom always bundled me up. Most parents, don’t pay the cold and wind much attention.

David Halcomb stops by to check on us old folks. Friday we visited with Rex and Shirley Halcomb at Wal-Mart in Ozark. Shirley had been to the eye doctor in Springfield and I had been to the dentist. Our dentist, Dr. Greer, is going Saturday to Guatamala to a orphanage to do dental work. Missionary work is good and important.

Saturday Rex and Shirley went to cemetery and got their Christmas flowers that was on Dad and Mom’s and our little brother’s grave. They came down by and visited a while. David Halcomb and Shorty Guerin visited Saturday morning. Saturday evening Junior Halcomb visited.

Saturday Connie Siler took her mom, Betty Halcomb, to get a perm.

Miss LeAnna Grimes started college at School of the Ozarks. Her Dad still is having trouble from the wreck he was in. His hand doesn’t have full use of it and he has to have knee surgery.

The birds are enjoying their feeders. The Cardinals are so pretty. Blue Jays are pretty, but they are a fussy bird. We have several different ones enjoying the bird seed. It’s like feeding chickens only no eggs.

Sunday evening Dana, Cheyenne and Jaki Lafferty visited us and wnt to church at Garrison. They brought in a chocolate cake and fixed chocolate icing, but you could not cut it. They had the real McCoy out in the car so they got it out. James told at church I got the bad cake and he got the good one. They all had a good laugh watching me cut it. I thought that I was too close to the edge of the pan. Wrong!

Thought for the week: May your troubles in the coming New Year be as short-lived as your resolutions. Remember God cares.