It is a nice Sunday. I have never coughed so much. I don’t know where all that mucus comes from. James and I sure have had a visit from a bug. George Morrison had had it bad like us.

January 15 Sunday 69 came out for church at Garrison. We were glad to have all the visitors. Lisa Ellison sang two songs. She is a very talented young lady. After church we went to Subway at Sparta and ate. Bill and Sue Guerin were there and the former Patty Hall. Lisa, Cody, Lacey and Wyatt Ellsion were there. We ate with them. The guys swapped a few fishing stories. Cody, Lacy and Wyatt live at Diggins. His grandmother, Wanda, moved there too. It is a lot closer to work.

Sunday night we had another good service. It is nice to see people use the altar. A lot of people have so much to pray about.

Tom Pettit said he caught trout Saturday. It was a nice to be out, but we can’t hardly stand the cold and wind.

Little Miss Adalynn Siler spent some time with her grandparents, John and Connie Siler. Recently we visited their daughter, Amanda, at her flower shop.

Ervin and Sandra Maggard visited Sunday with his mother, Iona Maggard.

Monday James enjoyed fishing with John Siler. It was a nice day.

James and I visited Wanda Fern (Thompson) Maggard and had prayer with her Sunday. Hospice is helping now at the home. She needs your prayers.

Sunday night at Garrison Church a good number of people came out. Melany sang a special.

Sunday as we passed by it looked like Jerry Nelson had several family members visiting.

Monday evening we visited Wanda Maggard again. She wanted to hear James preach one more time before God calls her home. If all goes well and God’s will, he will preach  at her home Tuesday morning. A good crowd did gather for services at Sister Wanda’s on Tuesday morning. Thursday evening God called her away. She grew up around Highlonesome. Her parents were the late George and Laura (Pruett) Thompson. She married Rex Maggard. She was a very nice lady. The visitation was Monday from 6-8 p.m. and the funeral Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. at Clinkingbeard Funeral Home. She was buried in the Patterson Cemetery.

Brad and daughter, Adalynn Siler, visited their grandparents, Junior and Betty Halcomb, recently.

Monday Janie Morrison and her niece, Phyllis Bloomer, cleaned out one of Janie’s buildings.

Tuesday I spent a few hours with Betty while David took his Dad, Junior Halcomb, to the doctor.

Sunday, January 8, 64 were present for church at Garrison. Melany Stevens sang a special. Happy Birthday was sung to Tyson Blevins. Happy Anniversary was sung to David and Cammie Guerin. Cammie still needs prayers, but she has come a long way.

We thank God for those who came out Sunday and for the visitors.

Remember God cares and loves you.