This Christmas season we attended Mt. Olive, Eastern Gate, Hope and Garrison’s Christmas program. All were very good. Hope is a new church at the old First Baptist church in Sparta. They use to be by AJ’s Pizza Place. Peter Coy invited us and they had good singing. We really enjoyed the kids that sang, such talent. And Petra sang a song in German.

Our Christmas program was real good. The kids acted the Christmas story as Bub Payne read it. Delmina girls put on two skits. Garrison Church families bought for each girl. The best part, two were saved. Lisa Ellison also sang a song. Justin and David sang, Sue Rozell, Claudine Sterner and Zelda Jones read poems.

Pastor James led in prayer and gave a altar call and later we had finger foods and Christmas treats. The church house was full with people standing. I think it will be a Christmas Garrison won’t forget. I know we won’t. We appreciated the gifts and the gift from the church.

We appreciate Gracie Williams for her gift and the Christmas cards from all the churches. We had several gifts from Garrison Church. James is enjoying the homemade candy from Iona Maggard, Janie Morrison, Chris Lakey and Shirley Halcomb. Shirley had him a jar of homemade blackberry jelly. She had me a picture in a frame of Rex with one of his prize walleye fish and nice tea towels, dish clothes and oven mitt set. Lisa Ellison gave us pictures and a gift card.

Phyllis Bloomer visited her aunt, Sybil Harvill December 17 and brought her a Christmas flower and visited Iona Maggard and took her a flower. Iona said her brother and his wife, Preston and Louise Hampton, brought  her a Christmas flower.

George and Janie Morrison attended the graduation of their granddaughter, Miss Jayme Morrison, at Missouri State on Friday, December 16. Her dad, Bo and Rachel Morrison and Calab and aunt, Jean Loomis, attended.

Several family and friends helped her celebrate her day.

Her mother, Kim Gideon, and Rachel Morrison had a graduation party at Kim’s for Jayme. Finger foods were served.

December 18th all but one granddaughter of George and Janie Morrison’s family and Jean Loomis had Christmas dinner and gift exchange at the Morrison’s. Granddaughter, Courtney, had to work.

Monday we visited Janie Morrison and exchanged gifts. It was George and Janie’s 58th wedding anniversary, December 26th. Congratulations!

Rex Halcomb visited us Monday and exchanged gifts. David Halcomb helped James tear part of the old barn down until it rained them out.

Junior, Betty and David Halcomb joined Connie and John Siler and family on Christmas Day.

Sybil Harvill had Christmas dinner at her son and wife’s house, Gary and Sandra Harvill. They had other family members as well.

Get well wishes sent to Judy Walker. She was at our Christmas program on Sunday night and had a mild stroke on Wednesday. Her daughter, Kim Jones, and family attend Garrison Church.

James always finds something to do. Now he is tearing down our old barn. It was way passed restoring. I can remember climbing on the barn while my folks milked. They would hollar, “Get off the barn! You are scaring the cows!” I played around the pond too. When I was a baby they hung a swing on the fence. I think I was still noisy. I didn’t like it. I helped milk later on and my brother, Rex, helped mom milk when Dad was sick before he went to work in the mornings. I can still remember some of the cows names. I remember practicing my song while I milked and the old cow kicked me off the milk stool. Dorothy King was our youth director at Mt. Olive and she gave Luann (Shortt) Lea and me and Ivan Maggard a song to sing. He played and we sang different verses. The cow isn’t the only one who doesn’t like my singing, when I sing in the pickup James turns the radio on. I finally got the hint and not much to my singing career. Ha!

Jan Mitchell asked Rex what is Linda doing? He said she is worthless at anything she does. He is more right than wrong. But I love him anyway. Everybody had one worthless one in the bunch. Ha!

That way family can’t expect much out of you. Right? Right.

James and I enjoyed Christmas Eve dinner at his sister’s home along with her family, Chris and Christy Lakey and Daniel, Wendy, Hunter and Shelby Crossland. Others were their sister, Kathy Lunday; her daughters and their husbands, Amandy and Chad Medley and Ashlee and Brady Rowland, as well as Miss Tracy Greene and Tony Lakey. A good meal was served and gifts opened.

Wendy and family are trying to find a three bedroom mobile home.

We visited Iona Maggard and exchanged gifts on Friday. Her visitors were brother and his wife, Preston and Louise Hampton, and her neighbors, Wayne and Rosalea Cipriano. Iona spent Christmas with her son and family, Ervin at Ozark.

December 31 was our wedding anniversary and James is not feeling well. I thought my tooth I had pulled would mess up the day. I gave the first tooth up Thursday.

I visited Junior and Betty Halcomb and Sybil Harvill and drove up to the cemetery before coming home. We took the dog for a short walk and that was the big excitement for the big day.

Last week John Siler and his sister, took their Dad, Bob, to South Carolina to visit Bob’s sister.

Friday Rex and Shirley visited us. We do more phone calling than visiting in each others home. Phones and computers have taken the day. We are old fashioned, we have not got into the high tech stuff.

Sunday at Garrison Church 44 came out for New Years Day. Good way to start the year. On Christmas Day we had 45 present.

Happy Birthday to Jim Nelson – New Years Day and Wanda Hutchinson who celebrates a January 11 birthday, Lynn Halcomb on January 19th, David Halcomb, Jayme Morrison and J.D. Morrison on January 2.

Get well wishes sent to Judy Walker and Tony Fouts.

John Siler visited us Monday evening.

Sunday, Valerie and Shelby Austin and his girlfriend visited Iona Maggard. Her son, Ervin, visited Monday.

Bundle up, it’s cold out there. Attend church and get that warm feeling!