Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to your home, we have had our share of disabilities during the last few days, the virus was in our home, some have even had a couple rounds of sickness.

We even discouraged visitors last week for their protection against the virus.  We hope the scourge will soon be gone. It leaves a person feeling very weak and shakey.

We have missed several snowstorms which have decided to travel north of us at this time, but it will no doubt come our way soon.  Let us try to enjoy these days while we can.

The fog the other day was really unusual.  It made me think of stories I’ve read about London and fogs such as this was.  I thought it looked like it could snow at any moment.

People from the churches were good to brave our atmosphere to come with music and words of  blessings.  Many of our volunteers apppeared as usual.  God Bless Them.

The plan to serve lunch and dinner in two shifts seems to be working well, at least one can find a seat and table quickly.  Our east wing is served at 11:30 and the west wing served at 12:15.  And, also the kitchen staff now has plain fruit flavored jello for request at any time as requested at our residents council meeting.

The Wonder Dogs who volunteer for Hospice Compassus was here and visited with many residents with the help of their owners, Jon and Marilyn Slaton with their beautiful silver fur coats on and smiling faces and some obedience tricks they are capable of doing.  Life does go on!

We had a movie , “A Trip to Bountiful” shown Sunday afternoon.  It was a story we really could empathize with being of an elderly lady whose desire it was to visit her old home place once more while she was still living.  With some help from a kindly gentleman she was able to accomplish her purpose.  We rejoiced with here.  We have many movies available for viewing when possible. This is nice for us and entertaining. We appreicate Daryl for all the help with movie time.

The staff at Heart of the Ozarks appreciated everyone who helped out during our illness.

The 1st Southern Baptist Church was here Sunday afternoon.

We would like to welcome Harold March to our home.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.