Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare

Hello from our home to your home, as Christmas approached it seemed the weather was building to have some bad days ahead, but it was a very short period because it has been beautiful weather for January and we, here at the home have been rejoicing in this, though we know it can’t last all winter.

Our Resident Council  was postponed from Jan. 3rd to Jan. 11th because our activites director, Connie Burris was on vacation. One thing decided was to serve a waffle breakfast. This is a breakfast where Mindy and Connie  are all set to cook waffles from a table set up in the dining room and cook them as we order them and have all kinds of fruit compotes as toppings, along with whipped cream or ice cream with the sides.   If it isn’t as you like it, it’s one’s own fault because they are made to order.  Yum!Yum!.

All of our seasonal decorations have  disappeared–but they were beautifully done for the Christmas season.

We have had several residents go home and others have come to take their place. Our numbers continually rise and fall like a yo-yo.

Mt. Tabor Church was here Sunday afternoon for services at 2:00 p.m.  It was  a wonderful church service–some good singing and a great Bible message by Bro. Dennis Shumate, their pastor.

Maxine Lirley had a large crowd playing Pokeeno, she treated everyone to a sample of her lovely, delicious chocolate candy. Maxine’s daughter, Jean has been making delicious, creamy, divinity candy and bringing samples which we enjoy.

Connie Burris took the place of Tom Hawkins (who was feeling ill today) for the Monday Bible Study.  We enjoyed the fellowship and discussion with Connie as leader today.

We are thankful for the Christian emphasis and atmosphere of our life here in our home.  Connie chose the subject “Guidance” using Proverbs 16:3 as her scripture. “Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established,”  Proverbs 16:3. She talked about God’s plan for our life, and the paths that we take, and some of the paths that are chosen for us.  No matter where we  are in life, God is with us through every event in our life, trials, temptations, triumphs, to accomplish His purpose for us.  Each road that our life takes is still a chance to still witness, pray and lead a Christian life so others may know your guidance day by day.  And may we find, follow and finish the play You have for our lives.

Jayma Potter from Three Rivers Hospice called games for us Monday afternoon.  Evelyn Harper was here Monday night setting up with a resident and came back on Tuesday afternoon for her game time.  Evelyn is a volunteer from Hospice Compassus.

We would like to welcome Jean Rieken, Harold March and  Pauline Knisell to our home.  Our prayers and sympathy are with the family of Walter Wolter.  Congratulations on Carol Simmons and June Silvers and Laura Powers on getting to go home this week.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO