Happy Home Church

The morning service began with a good morning to all from Bro. Marshall. He gave us a report on Bro. Paul. He is doing good, but will be resting for awhile. Keep Bro. Paul in your prayers. We sang a song for Jesus. We had prayer requests and there were many. Sister Peggy led in prayer. Bro. Marshall read scripture from Proverbs 21:16. Sister Patsy blessed our morning gifts to God.

Sister Mary led our Sunday school lesson. She read scripture from Romans 9:22-33 and Romans 10:1-10. We had class comments and discussion. It was a good lesson.

We gave our gifts to God with Sister Mary leading in prayer.

We sang for the Lord. The choir was small, but in good voice. We had specials from Sister Peggy, Bro. Dale and Charity Irwin.

Bro. Toby Sanders brought the morning message from Psalms 16:1-11. He gave us a good message from the Lord. Bro. Toby closed with altar prayer. Bro. Doug dismissed with prayer. We were very glad to have Bro. Toby Sanders and his wife with us today.

Our evening service began with our prayer circle. We had many prayer requests. Bro. Marvin led in prayer. We sang some good hymns. We had specials from Bro. Marshall, Sister Ulla and Bro. Marvin.

Bro. Marvin brought the message from Philippians, chapter 4. It was a good message from God. He closed with a song. Bro. Marshall dismissed with prayer.

Happy Home will have their Saturday Night Singing on January 28 at 7 p.m. Bring your songs and instruments and join in the fellowship.

Have a great week. Keep God in your heart and you will be blessed.