Good Tuesday morning everyone, haven’t we had a strange winter, so far?

Not many out for church services Sunday. Jr.Shelton gave a birthday offering. I went home with Annie Sunday evening  from church.

Cole and Izzy Bradshaw spent Sunday night with Karen and Doug Fredrick.

Agnes Williams and Janet Smith came by and visited me awhile Friday morning.

I saw in the paper where Dan Wilson had passed away, our sympathy to his family.

To the Herald office, I appreciate the gift.

After so many warm days, I think maybe the witch hazel would be blooming along the creek. Would love to go down to Bud’s old place.

Three more January birthdays I’ve learned of River Stillwood on the 14th, Brenda Massy on the 18th, Laurie Thurman the 22nd. I think if the dates are wrong, please forgive me.

Until next time, take care and God bless.