Gentry Church

Joie Welker opened the Sunday service with prayer and in our Sunday school class we continued our study of forgiveness. We should not hold grudges, such resentment indicates a lack of forgiveness, if they say I’ve forgiven, but I won’t forget, they have not really forgiven. We who have received pardon from God must be willing to extend it to others.

Happy Birthday wishes went out to Ben Hampel.

Harley and Faye Allen traveled Monday to Shell Knob to attend the funeral of Faye’s brother-in-law, Howard Brock.

Our special song was by Narvil, Diane, Glenda and Wendell.

Jim and Sharon Ginder are so proud of their new great, great granddaughter born on the 17th of January. The baby was sent home, but was returned to the hospital a few days ago for continued weight loss, so keep this little one in your prayers.

Please keep Elaine Coonts in your prayers as she is having problems keeping her white blood count up. Also Ashley Forrest as she is having problems.

The weather was so foggy and cold Sunday, but we still had a nice crowd attend the Fourth Sunday Singing at Gentry and heard a lot of good singing.

Pastor Hall’s morning message was from I Timothy 1:9-15. Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners and nothing can qualify us except the blood of Jesus. The good thing Jesus takes us and cleans us just as we are. He is all we need.