Gentry Church

Opening prayer was by Joie Welker. In our Sunday school class we are still studying about Joseph’s life and his forgiveness of his brothers for selling him into slavery. A sure sign that we have truly forgiven someone is that we never bring up the offense again.

Happy birthday wishes went out to Ashlynn Nicole, Dan Rippee and Stacey and Joanne Welker.

Many attended the baptism of Micca Howard, Duane Young and Joan Burkdoll Sunday afternoon at the Ava General Baptist Church.

Remember the Third Friday Night Singing. Gentry will be joining Dogwood Nazarne at 7 p.m.

Sunday, January 22 at 2 p.m. is the Fourth Sunday Singing at Gentry Church. We are having lunch at the church so bring a dish.

We are glad to report that Pam Eaves hip surgery went well and she should be returning home early this week.

Pastor Hall’s morning messge was from Matthew 3:1-12. John says I baptize you in water, but Jesus will baptize you in the Holy Ghost for power to be a witness and preach the gospel in all languages. The Holy Spirit comes only to believing hearts.

Sunday evening services started with singing, testimonies and our special song by a group made up of Rod Welker, Narvil Tetrick, Charlotte Reich, Faye Allen and Wendell Deo.

Our evening message was in Revelation 16:14-16, Pastor Hall’s continuation of Bible prophecies in the last days. Sinners should seek God while He can be found. We must be ready for the coming of Jesus. God is our refuge.

I appreciate the Herald for the Christmas gift.