Gentry Church

Opening prayer for our morning service was by Joie Welker.

After congregational singing, in our Sunday school lesson we are still reading about Joseph and his success for being faithful. We cannot know how God will use us in the future, but stay being faithful and trusting in God.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Ruby Buchanan, also Happy Anniversary wishes go out to Wes and Brenda Hampel.

Next Saturday, January 14 our young people are going to the “Jump Around House” in Seymour.

January 15 Gentry Church will be having a baptising after church at the First General Baptist Church. We appreciate Bro. Alcorn and his congregation for their kindness in letting us use their church.

We were glad to see Delores Young back in church after being sick.

Please remember Kenny and Pam Eaves in your prayers as they go to St. Louis Friday and Pam has a surgical procedure done on her hip.

Our special song this morning was by Faye Allen, Wendell Deo, Brenda Hampel, Rod and Wanda (Welker) Casady. Well done on the song.

Pastor Hall’s message was from II Kings 2:1-15. In reading about Elijah and Elisha, we still find great faith is believing God will answer our prayers. We still have the same God as Elijah and God never changes, aren’t we glad.

In our evening service our specials were a reading by Delores Young and a song by a group of singers at Gentry.

We were glad to have our visitors, Sam and Delores Pursley from Marshfield.

The evening message was from Ezekiel 37:1-10 – The return of the Jews to the homeland fullfilling God’s promise for He has a plan for them and hasn’t forgotten them.  Our country should never give up on Israel.