Friendship Church News

Church started Sunday morning by singing. Ronnie Epps took over as superintendant and prayer was given by Bro. James Moore. Sunday school lesson was, Isaiah and The Suffering Servants from Isaiah 53:1-10 taught by Ronnie Epps. After a good Sunday school lesson we sang several songs. Charity Irwin, Lena Ingram and Elsie Atchison all did specials. Bro. Doug Irwin brought the message. He prayed then read Deuteronomy 1:1-46. After a good message we sang. We were dismissed by Bro. John Ratteree.

Church started Sunday night by singing several songs. Prayer was given by Sister Lena Ingram. Lena Ingram, Elsie Atchison and Raymond Haden all sang specials. Bro. Raymond Haden brought the message. He read Deuteronomy 31:7-8 amd others. After a good message we were dismissed by Sister Janiece Moore.

Next Sunday, January 22, Bro. John Ratteree will be bringing the message.

Visiting Elsie Atchison were Gary and Donna Atchison, Charla Heinlein and Daniele.

Wednesday visitors were Lena and Peyton Ingram and Gary Atchison.

Visiting Elsie Thursday were Gary and Noel Atchison and Charla Heinlein.

Friday visitors were Lisa Lakey, Shelly Bell, Mona Price, Lena and Peyton Ingram, and Gary and Noel Atchison.

Visiting Elsie Saturday were Charla Heinlein, Lena and Peyton Ingram and Gary Atchison.

Sunday visitors were Noel, Donna and Gary Atchison, Lena and Peyton Ingram and Charla Heinlein.

Saturday Elsie Atchison, Charla Heinlein went to the skating rink in Mountain Grove to celebrate Aaliyah Irby’s 4th birthday.

Charla Heinlein visited James and Janiece Moore this week.