Faith Rock Church

We have now began a new year. A chance to begin again because yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift. We can begin again.  I always read Dear Abby’s New Year’s Resolutions that are only possible one day at a time, one of them was I know that I can do something for 24 hours that would overwhelm me if I had to keep it up for a lifetime.

It actually doesn’t take us very long to form some good habits, just as it didn’t take long to form some bad ones.

We had a very good Christmas and New Year. I was glad to be with my family. We all spent the afternoon at our daughter and husband’s home, Sherry and Wes Wallace. We had a good Christmas service Christmas morning and almost everyone that normally comes was there and we took communion celebrating our Lord’s birthday. Our daughter and husband, Teresa and John Gloyd and Jordan from Springfield were there for dinner and Andrew, Kayla and Illa came over for a while. We enjoyed the girls opening gifts, which mostly were done early that morning. The Gloyds have always spent Christmas Eve with the Gloyd families getting together. They have a very large family group. Sherry and Wes usually go to Wheaton for a get-together the day after Christmas. We had good Sunday services with Bro. Fleetwood teaching from I John 4:1-20 on loving God and loving and caring for one another.

Bro. Dewitt brought the scripture from Joshua 1:1-15 and others titling the message, “Claim What God Has Promised.” If it’s in the word of God we can claim it for our own.

Sunday afternoon we had services for the nursing home. We appreciated those that came and sang with us and Bro. Dewitt brought scripture also. The weather was nice too.

Sunday night at 5 p.m. we were back at church for evening service with lots of good special singing and several visitors. Sis. Loretta brought the message and titled it “There’s A Miracle In The Making.”  She preached from Daniel 10:2-21 preaching on the 21 day fast that Daniel did by fasting and praying for his people, telling us if we wanted something bad enough we should still fast and pray if we really want God to move in our homes and churches. Her other scripture on fasting was in Matthew 6:16-18, our flesh really rises up against fasting, we love to eat at every opportunity and it shows on most of us. It helps us spiritually though.

I enjoyed my sister and husband, Lorene and Don Byrd’s visit Thursday. We drove out and visited with Ruby Miller and then to the nursing home to see Golda Miller who resides there. We enjoyed our visit with both of them. They both have a good sense of humor and we laugh a lot when we visit them. I did want to say Happy Birthday to Golda whose birthday was the 31st. We also sang Happy Birthday in our afternoon service to her. I think she’s 87.

Our quilter had taken lap robes to the nursing home before Christmas and it was good to see them being used. My prayer would be that God is near each and everyone of them.