Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

It has been another great week, here on our mountain. God is still blessing us with good weather this winter. It’s hard to believe that January is already half over. Sunday at church was our youth night. We had the youth gather in early and we had different things for them to do. We had a lesson on Daniel and the lion’s den.

Roger and Jon taught the teenagers, I taught the little ones. My class also made a lions mask that they could wear. The older class also had a craft to do, but they talked and discussed the hour away. When church started we had Esther Johnson at the piano, and Abby Hampton leading the song service. All of the youth were up fron for the congregational singing. Miss Jenny Brazeal asked for special songs, and Sarah Hampton asked for testimonies. Jon and I asked questions on the lesson and we didn’t stump any of our kids. Next, several of the youth put on a skit for us, they were: Kyle, Sarah, Abby and Micheala Hampton and Jessie Nelson. The little kids helped them. Roger said he counted sixteen kids at church that night, and I was proud of the job they did for us. It’s great to see our youth working for God.

We had had several birthdays in the last few weeks. I hope I don’t leave out someone, happy birthday to one and all. I do have to say that we had cake and ice cream for Jimmy Nelson a week ago Wednesday night at Bible study and he was sick and didn’t show up. Well, we just partied without him; after all it was cake and ice cream. We did save him half of his cake and put it in the freezer. Last Wednesday night we had cake and ice cream again, this time for Jon and Wanda’s birthdays. Patty said that Eric was home cooking supper. I told her if she keeps telling him how we eat on Wednesday he may start coming with her.

All the ladies of the church are wearing some pretty new scarves. Miss Violet has been busy helping to keep us all in style and warm. I do have to tell you though that Larry was a little jealous that the women were the only ones getting anything. Violet gave in and made him a warm hat to keep his head warm.

I have had a bit of a sore throat and cold, so I didn’t go see my mom this week. Roger went in for me. He said she was doing well and that Benny and Dee had been to see them Saturday morning. I’m sure they all enjoyed that.

I will close with something that I read and enjoyed. May the righteous be glad and rejoice before God. May they be happy and joyful. This is found in Psalm 68. Let’s repeat that, we may be happy and joyful. Take care.