Dogwood Ramblings

Another week gone by but my, such changes in the weather.  We had a good dose of single digit temperatures, a good dusting of snow, and that miserable, bone-chilling wind.

Ron took off to go bow hunting with a friend.  Randy took off for a few days down south with five friends to do some diving and relaxing.  I am happy to stay home although on Thursday I did work in the church office in Ava and could hardly wait to get home and warm up the house and snuggle up with a blanket.  With all this chill my cats, Trouble and Feather, have decided sleeping on my bed is the best place to be.

Some sad news out of North Dakota – a great nephew passed away last week.  David Lusso was only 55 years old, eleven days younger than my son, Rory.  Back then, Ruthie and I were both expecting and she looked like she could have twins (Ruthie was a small woman), I barely looked pregnant.  All the many relatives were sure that David would be born first but, it was Rory, and he weighed more than David did when he arrived.  We as a family spent a lot of time with the Lusso family, David’s grandmother was Willie’s oldest sister out of his family of fourteen siblings, and David’s family lived across the road from Cecilia.  In the ‘50’s and ‘60’s we had many, many family gatherings, picnics, holidays, just visiting.

I truly feel I was one of the Boeddekers.  Cecilia and husband Joe would come to our place evenings, at least twice a week to play cards, and a light snack was always expected.  They especially liked coming on Thursdays as that was baking day for me.  I used 12 packages of yeast every Thursday for bread, rolls, sweet rolls, donuts, etc.  When my sons would get off the school bus on Thursdays it became a race to see who could get to the house first – and oooh!  The house smelled so good.  My favorite was the heel of a loaf of bread smeared with our home churned butter.  Of course, cleaning the cream separator was quite a chore, yet the butter such a treat.  I used the buttermilk for baking and the whey fed our pigs.

We had a good sized garden that kept me busy with weeding, picking, and canning.  We didn’t have a freezer until after we’d moved to California in 1963.  In the winter time the screened in front porch was sort of a freezer for meats and baked goods.  Also, I had clothes racks out there for the laundry.  After the laundry was frozen I would bring the racks in and set them over the floor furnace.  Freezing the laundry actually made the garments dry faster and they were softer – no such thing as laundry softeners back then.  Of course, this also meant a lot of ironing.

In 1963, just as we were about to leave North Dakota for California, we were visiting at Cecilia’s farm and Randy, just four, went across the road to play with cousins Del, David and Devin Lusso.  The Lusso dog attacked Randy and I was first on the scene – and it looked like the dog had torn Randy’s eye out.  Off to the doctor in town to thankfully learn it was just the eyebrow flap covering Randy’s eye and the doctor did a fine job of stitching it all back into place.  I don’t know if I could handle such trauma today!  As we were pulling out for our journey west we stopped at our former farm just to look and found one of our kittens.  We took the kitten, Adam, as we couldn’t find Hoss & Little Joe.  When we crossed the border into California at night, two of the boys were asleep on the back floor of the car, one asleep in the back window space, one asleep on the back seat with several stuffed animals, and Adam.  The border guard flashed a light over all in the back seat and then left.  Adam hadn’t twitched a muscle or blinked an eye.  Either the guard thought Adam was one of the stuffed toys or he didn’t want to take that kitten away from the boys.  Guess we’ll never know.  We had Adam for several years and he was leash trained.

Saturday morning was brunch at Larkin’s for 3 of us, all widows.  We had a good time visiting and the omelets, taters and toast were excellent, the coffee cups kept filled.  Then I made a stop to get some dog kibble (mostly).  I guess the cold spell has made the dogs extra hungry ‘cause they sure are going through the kibble fast.  Every morning they get canned food and they line up to get their bites off of a spoon.  Of course, they start letting me know they are ready for breakfast around 5:00 a.m.

Eva White called asking me to contact Rex again to install the antennae for her TV.  Jocelyn Downs brought me a dozen brown eggs from her chickens and we had a nice visit.

It definitely is flu season.  When you wash your hands it is a good idea to “scratch” the soapy palms of your hands with the fingernails of the opposite hand.  May you be blessed with good health (use an antibiotic spray and hand gel), and remember to pray daily for this nation, and this world, as well as for your family, friends and neighbors.


From the desk of Jamey Herd: I had to miss PLEASANT RIDGE BAPTIST services again yesterday. This up and down weather is a breeding ground for the flu bugs that are making the rounds. I was better most of the week, from last weekend’s bout, then runny nose, sore throat and headache returned in time for this weekend.

Billy Joe reports that they had a good service. Business meeting was conducted Sunday night. Laveta reports they will be showing “Courageous” next Sunday night at 5:30 PM. A movie will be shown for the children in the nursery also. There will be chili and hot dogs. Please bring side dishes.

I helped Billy Joe haul cattle home from Theodosia last Monday. There were only three cows and calves left down there. We moved cattle from the north side of our place to the south side on Tuesday. It was just in time before the snow and high winds hit. They have much more protection on the south side with timber and hollows to get in out of the weather. Also there is a spring that always flows for water.

That is all the news from our side of the fence. Stay warm and safe as these fronts move through.  Also stay well and God Bless.